Did you hear so and so kissed?
Did you hear he made out with her?
Did you hear that THEY had sex?
there big and bad and they spread like the flu,quick and easy.
I’m sure anyone who is reading this has had a rumor spread about them, and if you haven’t good for you. For me rumors in my opinion are a for of bullying that anyone who tells or starts the rumor is responsible for. They hurt and they can lead to deadly results of violence or worse, suicide.
The sad part is, after the deadly consequences people will start saying he said this she said that. Everyone loses, the victim, the spreader, and the starter. The reason: the victim gets hurt, the spreaders rat each other out, and when the starter is caught they are but in the light and shown for who they are.
So before you go back to the:
They did this, She did that stuff, think about who your going to hurt. Because you might be caught after all the problems.