Rr2v Calculator

This project aims to transform early childhood learning offering children and students with an early understanding of the computing technology. The Rr2v calculators will help users perform arithmetic calculation through simple procedures. Therefore, the calculator will save them time and money by reducing the effort to perform computation manually.

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The aim of the project is to develop software that will help learns carry out complex arithmetical operations with ease and at the same time experience technological advancements by using the calculator. The method used for software development is the waterfall approach that will begin with collection of requirements from users, designing and documentation. The stepwise approach of the waterfall process will help in planning and complete the project in 5 months to 7 months. Successful completion of the project will be beneficial to early childhood learning by perfection of mathematical skills in children.

The Rr2v Calculator Project is one of its kinds and will transform early learning environment. It is worth noting that the transformation to a learning environment or any child can be challenging. In a rapidly evolving technological world, students as well as children who are still in lower class (Jalote, 1997). Physical as well as social skills are therefore required in day to day life so that one can meet the demands of the competitive market. In addition, this orientation may be useful in young kids who are still in their development stages (Schewabe, 2010). The study on Rr2v Calculator Project brings a new dimension on how people can understand various applications and more so those who are going to use it. Rr2v Calculator Project makes it easier for the learning community to be able to solve calculations with relative ease. It is also true that when such an initiative is adapted, there may be assumptions and recommendations which might prompt further research study in the area (Schewabe, 2010). This is what the project seeks to achieve apart from making it easier for students as well as teachers to respond to calculation issues within a short time.

Objectives of a Project

To illustrate how people can apply Rr2v Calculator Project on business as well as other applications while at the same time applying respective cognitive management systems.

Designing a functional the Rr2v Calculator Project that is able to address all the aspects encountered in mathematical applications.

To develop an effective framework that offers an appropriate control channel

To initiate appropriate algorithms necessary for networking environment.

To accomplish the various tasks that has not yet been achieved by the current systems.

The resources needed for the entire project will always be available when there is need to use them.
The specific hardware and software that characterizes this project should be available at all times
Those who will work to bring the project to completion will have an added experience in the technical environment.

Access to specialized skills such as availability of industrial experts will be part of the projects objective
Productivity should be of about 40hours on a weekly basis.
A given number of review circles will guide the aspect of deliverables.
No action should be taken that will have a negative impact on the project.
Challenging issues about the project will be resolved in a timely manner so as not to affect the project.

Project Assumptions

Project Scope

The project will be based on creating a marketable Rr2v calculator to transform the learning environment (Sage & Rouse, 2009). The project will be completed by April 2013 and will be marketed thereafter to schools and learning institutions.

Product Deliverables

  • Rr2v Calculator
  • Rr2v Calculator Documentation
  • Planning Document
  • Legal Document
  • User Manual
  • Conceptual Design
  • Progress Report
  • Advertisement (television, radio, or newspaper) is not included

Project Exclusions

  • Budget limits: $200,000 USD
  • Designated start date: December 3, 2012
  • Target completion date: April 4, 2013
  • Inspection
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Specification
  • Certificate
  • Project plan

Project Configuration Management Requirements

Project Documentation

Change Control

Any changes that occur throughout the project will be communicated by the Project Manger to the project team and all stakeholders (Schewabe, 2010). Any change should be made formally, defined, evaluated before being approved.

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

The diagram below shows the work breakdown structure with regard to the project (Jalote, 1997). The structure shows the tasks that are to be performed starting from the highest office of the project manager to the subsequent tasks that are to be done:


System implementation requires a lot of effort to meet the challenges to both software developers and the organization impacted by its implementation. Results of a successful implementation can be hugely rewarding in organizational strength and efficiencies. However, failure on the other hand can be draining in both funds and vitality. Consequently, there is need to effective plan the project in terms cost, feasibility and schedule in order to be successful (Sage & Rouse, 2009). The project of the Rr2v Calculator Project 3 is one such project. In summary, the COCOMO model will require various inputs for it to be successful. As noted in the overall budget, the total cost of the project was $ 172,640. However, the projects acknowledge that there were some limitations that had to be faced while undertaking the project. For instance, time was a major limitation as some phases had to be interjected so as to allow its completion. The total number of participants in the project also shows that future considerations need to highlight its importance.


The project implementation will have to take into account the disparity as well as the exclusion of team members who have a vast experience in projects such as this one. In addition, there is need to integrate their input so as to avoid social tension that can limit effective performance of the entire project’s objective. We propose the following

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  • The number of participants for this project needs to be increased so as to avoid the major human labor limitations that were realized
  • The financing budget should be over and above the total amount required since it depends on the fluctuating financial markets and costs of commodity.
  • The estimations of the project shows that there are new provisions that needs to be included such as response strategies and update methods.
  • User involvement and participation throughout the project to ensure it meets the user requirement
    Resistance to work – making the project enjoyable and avoid routine