Romeo and Juliet Love Affair

Have you ever loved somebody so much you can’t breathe when you’re away from them? That it kills you to see them cry? Or get jealous of everyone they talk to? Do you understand how difficult it can be? How up and down and crazy it truly is? It doesn’t seem worth it.

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Every second is spent wondering what he’s doing. It’s hard to sleep at night because you keep imagining him. In school you barely talk to your friends, and he does the same. Outside of school friends don’t exist, there’s only him. You fight with your parents because they don’t approve of him; they think he’s not good for you. God forbid if you breakup. Your life seems over, there’s nothing left to live for. But sure enough you get back together in a few days because he feels the same way: forever in love.

And the way that you love him is like a deep ocean’s reef: strong and passionate. You love him unconditionally. He will never do anything wrong in your mind. He’s always forgiven, for everything, even if it hurts you. He feels the same way about you. It’s a Romeo and Juliet love affair, but much longer. Your love for each other is a short fuse, but after the dynamite explodes and you’ve fought for hours, you kiss and make up like nothing ever happened. Nothing ever changes and you lie in an ignorant state of bliss.

But what happens when the extended honeymoon period is over? What happens when it occurs at different times for each of you? You’re left feeling empty, like you have nothing. You’re left feeling scared to leave because you don’t know anything else, how to act without him. You’re left feeling stuck, you have to stay with him because he’s still so in love. You’re left with the heartbreaking thought that you were never really in love, just in love with being in love. You’re left constantly wondering what to do, so you stay until you forget everything you learned until you fall back into your pattern of ignorant bliss.

You’re Ali and Noah, forever in love, even years later. It’s a never ending cycle of ups and downs, highs and lows. A roller coaster. A fairy tale. A chick flick. A horror story. A shining star. It’s nothing you would expect it to be. It’s a high school relationship.

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