This story is about three friends, Fern, Marina, and Xochitl, who are trying to learn magic from Rogelia, Xochitl’s Nana. Together they venture through the steps to learn and develop their individual skills, while healing relationships and letting go of hurt. Ms. Wood tells a story about issues that all teen girls can relate to, problems with their moms, getting over death, and trying to learn if people are actually sincere, while dispersing fantasy and magic within the plot. This is a great story, and you really feel the character’s emotions. Ms. Wood writes in an emotionally descriptive way, but the main issues within the plot seem to get repetitive. However, I did like this book a lot, because I could relate the main characters to my friends, our schoolteachers, and myself. Ms. Wood brought across the point that love survives all things, and crosses over all barriers, and that we should never lose sight of what matters most to us, and simply rely on our heart to be our compass. I give this book four stars out of five, and I would recommend it, but you should be warned that if you don’t practice Wicca(I don’t) or believe in real life magic, you should view this book as you would Harry Potter, simply fantasy, and you can still enjoy it that way!

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