Requirements for Policies

Present a statement of management philosophy. The management has a philosophy based on responsibility, integrity and mutual respect. It is also has a customer focused strategy that allows consistent growth from products and services as well as introduction of new services within two to three years. The human resource policy insists on flawless operations execution that enables cost effective operations model with a cost reduction target of 5-7% each year. The management of the company is also focused on building an achievement oriented culture through different systems besides constantly building and acquiring human capital.

Develop the rationale for policies and procedures that you feel are needed to achieve the organizational goals.

The human resource policy at Swift Global Inc aims to ensure that no employee or job applicant receives less favorable treatment on the grounds of gender, marital status, disability, age, and race, and nationality, ethnic or national origin. The human resource policy at Swift Global Inc is based on staffing the organization with the appropriately qualified people and to bring these people to contribute the best of their skills, talents and creative ability so that they achieve the objectives of the company (Gabriel, 2003). Swift Global Inc human resource policy includes the following, recruitment, retention, promotion, compensation, sexual harassment and discrimination. According to Boella & Goss-Turner (2005)

Recruitment and selection Policy

Since Swift Global Inc deals with software products the job profiles and specifications set out clearly the skills, experiences and qualifications required for the post and should indicate only justifiable requirements for the job. Boella & Goss-Turner (2005) says that the selection criteria used should only reflect the standards required. The recruitment and selection policy should give a consideration to flexible working arrangements such as flexible working hours, part-time and term-time working, job sharing, career breaks.

Training and development policy

The training and development policies and procedures should be examined and monitored to correct any bias or imbalance. At Swift Global Inc all staff should receive appropriate training in the implementation of equal opportunities. Boella & Goss-Turner (2005) also indicates that regarding this policy all staff with the relevant experience and ability should be considered for promotions and transfers.

Promotion policy

The management at Swift Global Inc must realize that there is a big difference between a subordinates current output and his suitability for promotion. According to Gabriel (2003) promotion refers to the attainment of a higher position than the one just held and its consequent greater responsibility. In this company it is important to note that the main criteria for promotion is merit and ability and the personnel manager must formulate a promotion policy that should indicate the procedures to be followed (Gabriel, 2003).

Dismissal policy

The dismissal policy at Swift Global Inc should indicate the procedures to be followed when dismissing an employee form a certain position. This policy should stipulate the number of warnings to be issued before taking the action. It should also indicate the compensation an employee receives after the termination of his or her employment contract (Gabriel, 2003). According to Cornelius (2001) an employee in the company should be entitled to proper notice of dismissal and wages in lieu. In this context only when an employee had committed a serious breach of the employment contract is employer is entitled to dismiss without notice or payment in lieu.

Compensation policy

This policy is the role of the personnel manager to work with top management to formulate a compensation policy for the employees at the company. Gabriel (2003) says that it should seek to attract and retain employees of the required caliber while emphasizing low labor costs, increased production and an acceptable level of productivity. This policy at Swift Global Inc should be flexible enough to pay fair and adequate wages and salaries that take into account skills, training, experience, productivity and other factors that are important to the job.

Discrimination and Sexual harassment policy

This policy should indicate the legal actions of sexual harassment at the company in favor of something. Cornelius (2001) says that these grounds of sexual harassment can take two forms which include direct (favorable treatment) and indirect which applies equal treatment but has a bias because members are protected class. This policy has outlawed sex harassment at the company either in favor for a posting or other matters related to the company’s operation. Cornelius (2001) further says that sexual harassment is outlawed and if an employee or employer is found liable he should legally compensate the victim of harassment both in respect of his own behavior and of his or other employees.


In conclusion, the selection of the above policies was based on the need to facilitate continuous improvement for the company. Starting from recruitment to development will help the employee to fit in the company and execute his or her duties as per the regulations and provisions of Swift Global Inc. The human resource policy at Swift Global Inc intends to ensure that no employee or job applicant receives less favorable treatment on the grounds of gender, marital status, disability, age, and race, and nationality, ethnic or nationality.