Remote Employee Business Justification

The use of remote employees is a recent business trend that involve employing employees and having them work from various remote location that are convenient to them as a business manager I would like to employ a team of work at home staff to enhance and improve the productivity of the firm.

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Financial Issues to Consider in This Decision

First, it is necessary to consider all the financial issues at hand before settling for the current form of employment arrangement. In deciding to use remote employees I shall aiming at reducing the cost incurred in the operating of the business. According to a report by The Telework Coalition “Wired Work as a Lifestyle,” quoted by Lessonsky (2010) many businesses and companies save a mean of $20,000 every year bay having their full-time employees work remotely. As a manager I shall consider several cost mainly mobile/home working costs, insurances issues, and taxation issues. Mobile working costs are the cost incurred in enabling employees to use various technologies at their remote stations. According to the Progressive Employer (n.d.). Home working costs are the cost incurred in developing a working station at home. Insurance costs are varied and range from insuring the equipment to employer liability among others. Finally, the taxation cost will involve a range of costs incurred in the payment of taxes to the government either from the proceeds, salaries or equipment purchase (Progressive Employer, n.d.).

Efficiencies You Expect to Be Realized

Second I shall expect various efficiencies to be realized by having full-time employees working on a remote arrangement basis. As the Telework Coalition report father notes remote working lead to a 22% increase in the productivity of the employee (Lesonskey 2010). I would expect efficiency in the use of energy and space at the business premises. I shall seek to increase the sales volume and the returns of sales through remote sales persons.

Planning, Directing and Controlling Remote Employees

In order to achieve maximum productivity from the remote employees, I shall employ disciplined, motivated, and flexible employee who will be able to interact with their co workers located in different time zones. I shall the match the employees to ensure that they complement one another. Employees should work in pairs with people they can collaborate with. Also, I shall ensure that task assigned to the worker match their time zones to avoid inconveniences and haphazard work. I shall also ensure that there is strong back up to cover up for employees who are not fit or available to work on a particular day. Once the team of employees is in place, I shall have each employee sign a performance contract to ensure that they observe high standards in terms of quality and quantity of work done. This shall be followed up by continuous assessment to ensure high quality work is done (Dwyer, 2010).

The Technology Required to Set Up Work at Home Environment

There are various technological gadgets that are necessary for the proper functioning of a work at home office. These gadgets include laptops or desk top computer docking stations, printers and monitors, telephone connection and answering machine, broadband internet commotions and computer software. Other items which are products of technology that may be necessary include a some alarm, a fore extinguisher and adopters or powerful sockets (Progressive Employer, n.d.).

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In conclusion, remote employment may have a huge initial capital but it more effective and cost efficient in the long run. it requires the manager or the person in charge to be always on the look out in order to ensure that the high rates of productivity are maintained. As the manager I will need my intuition to hire employee who are included toward providing the efficiency that I desires.