How important do you think it is for you for you to date someone the same religion as you? Why?

For many years Christians have married Christians. Muslims have married Muslims. Jews have married Jews, and so on. It has been a common debate of is it important to date someone in the same religion. Now we live in a world where people can be married to anyone.

Many Millennials have decided to not have a religion and not to be in a committed relationship and instead focus their career. Another reason why many people are not committing to marriage is because they see other people whose marriage is failing so they think their wedded state will fail. The reason the divorce rate is increasing so much is because people in a relationship aren’t sharing the same visions and are unable to solve conflicts. This is a problem that us teens need to be ready to face.

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People that share the same religion share the same beliefs and are able to solve conflicts easier through marriage. About two-thirds of Millennials don’t classify themselves as religious and about one out of four Millennials are married. Certainly, it is important to marry someone in the same religion as you because, they share the same beliefs, and get along better.

Sharing the same beliefs is very important in a relationship. “Imagine a new couple out on a Valentine’s Day date. The young man and woman are both nervous, but the candlelit restaurant has created a calm, romantic mood. Orders placed with the waiter, they each take a deep breath, ready to dive into a new line of conversation. ‘How often do you go to church?’ the man says, as the woman’s eyes widen.” (Dallas). Many Christians before a meal pray and when two people in a relationship have different religions have dinner together, it can be a little awkward.

Eating meals together is a key to having a healthy relationship. “Conversations during the meal provide opportunities for the family to bond, plan, connect, and learn from one another” (Delistraty). People who eat together stay together. Also eating together as a family is good for children, “Children who do not eat dinner with their parents at least twice a week also were 40% more likely to be overweight compared to those who do” (Delistraty). Eating together is an essential key to a successful relationship and praying together unites families under a banner of common goals as family members pray for and hear others concerns.

How would you spend your Sundays if your house was divided? One of the main reasons interfaith relationships don’t work out is because of the traditions of each faith, it’s not the religious arguing but it is the practices that the religions do, for example, it’s the rituals, how you spend your time, how you spend your money, and how you raise your kids. Marriage counselors say it is those three things that couples mainly argue about and faith affects all of those.

Many individuals might disagree and be in favor of dating outside of religion because it spreads diversity. Religiously mixed households are 36% more like to have a kid that s unaffiliated rather than possessing a determined religion, and the children get to be exposed to both ideologies. Although now 39% of Americans are married to a spouse that is outside of their religion. People that are in a committed relationship with someone outside of the faith say that they do not try mention religion in their partnership.

With all being said, I am not telling you to date someone the same religion as you, I am just saying to think twice about religion in your relationship and the rituals that each religion contain. Because when you start to get serious in a relationship it is important to be open with your partner and have a healthy relationship. I know someone who was atheist and he was not the most buoyant person and he had just experienced a divorce but now he is married and turned into a Protestant and him and his wife have been happily married and he is one of the nicest guys I know now today. So certainly, religion is a key essential in marriage.

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