Relationships Are Another Name for Catastrophe


This one is for all those who are handling their so called ‘quixotic Affairs ‘.Shame on all of you,’ little adults’! Has it never came to your consideration that possessing a consanguinity or contemporarily known as an “affair” is any constructive or accommodating and that too at this diminutive phase of life, at the school level when people must be only thinking about substantial career options and desired aims to achieve. But today especially boys consider it as a fashionable and ostentatious trend to update their status and show the world that how miraculously they have endeavored to be with a girl whom they can call as their “GF” or “Girlfriend”.Students of 7th and 8th grades are even more competent in recapitulating or performing this kind of activity. I wonder what they want to prove by this kind of peculiar flamboyancy. And those who are capable of managing both things at the same time, hats off! You must be our next PM.

Even girls today consider their education mundane and have a disturbing zeal that they must find the right guy. I mean what is the hurry? Why do they need such pace for?Looks as if they have everything required for dowry ready. The activities of these kids are a matter of utter mortification for our nation. I mean if thinking rationally, not even 0.01 % of these boys and girls are gainfully waged or are earning a living. And the points which rose my curiosity level was that how do they manage to get funds for exchanging presents on Valentine’s Day. Oh yeah! I forgot, they have their parents, “poor progenitors”. Even they are unaware of their offspring’s miserable and filthy acts. The reason I wrote this was also that some of my brilliant friends are wasting their vigor and money into this “Nitwits bag of bollocks” or simply for you guys “gutter”.And is it not conspicuous that you all are just squandering your precious time recklessly? Wake up guys! You all have ample years ahead to get into and enjoy all of this stuff. And I promise you all that if you invest your time and money “NOW” in getting a 10 CGPA rather than buying Archie’s gift cards and chocolates and attending ‘Dates’ with your so desired soul mate then you all can be very triumphant one day.