Relationship with the Brand

Head and Shoulders. Head and Shoulders is one of the hair care brand which has been able to create a great emotional connection with its consumers. Pepper (2007) says that the brand Head & Shoulders has created a relationship with its customers. The brand head and shoulder has been able to stand for superior dandruff control and at the same time customers have known it to offer a great choice for beautiful hair. Head shoulders changes dandruff problems and therefore as a result the brand has been able to create a great connection with its consumers. The brand Head and shoulders has had great customer responsiveness which is designed to help relieve the dryness, itch and flaking caused by dry scalp.

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Head & Shoulders is a brand known to provide cool sensation and appeals to consumers in hot, humid climates. All this factors have enabled the brand to create emotional connection with its consumers and therefore this factor is instrumental in the relationship between the brand (Head & shoulders) and the customers (Pepper, 2007). It has been noted that head and shoulders as a brand provided customers with sensuality and intimacy which are the qualities needed to make a deep emotional relationship. It is one of the products which have attained high levels of respect and love besides establishing a great connection between the consumers and the brand.

Furniture La-Z-Boy. La-Z-Boy is Furniture Company which has been able to establish a strong relationship with its consumers. Crosson & Needles (2000) says that La-Z-Boy has been able to operate in volatile business environments which are strongly influenced by customer demands. The relationship between customers and La-Z- Boy brand is based on the fact that customers buy value basically inform of quality furniture products. In their studies Crosson & Needles (2000) noted that La Z-Boy brand value exists because some characteristics of the brand satisfy customer wants or needs. For example research shows that customers appreciate comfort associated with these brands. In this context customers are able to establish strong brand relationship with La-Z-Boy brands. Crosson & Needles (2000) also notes that in response to the needs of the customers La-Z-Boy creates value and increases revenue by selling recliners and customized sofas that include the patented La-Z-Boy mechanism. Another connection exists from creating the strongest frame which is the most reclining positions, a secure locking footrest and total body and lumbar support for the body.

Expand your thinking and explain whether, based on your own experience and your knowledge of other people, customers have relationships with all brands.

Schmitt & Rogers (2008) says that the relationship between a brand and the consumer also influences a brands ability to obtain permission for changes in its strategy often in ways that are not intuitive. If a brand is central to a consumer lifestyle, then this consumer is bound to be more vigilant and concerned about any novel brand actions. Sometimes consumers feel personally connected to a brand. It has been noted that consumers feel that brands understand their needs.

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In conclusion, the type of relationship that a brand engages with its consumers depends on whether consumers perceive their relationship with the brand as an exchange relationship or a communal relationship. Fournier says that consumer who have a very close relationship with a brand are more likely to believe that anything the brand engages in will be done well yet they are less likely to grant the brand permission for any action that may make the brand different from the brand they are attached to. While emotional attachment to the brand tend to lead to more favorable quality judgments it also leads to less favorable permission judgments. This means that when consumers establish a relationship with a certain brand there usually an emotional attachment which helps in strengthening the link.