Rebound by K.C. Jones is a very intriguing book and shows great insight into the legendary Boston Celtics teams of the 1980s. K.C. Jones was an average African American man who had great talent in the game of basketball in the 1950s. He evolved into good player and a great coach. He said this about his career “ I suspect we all learn as we work our way through life that the things we take for granted can sometimes disappear in a moment” He didn’t realize how good he could have been until it was too late. When he was named head coach he wanted to make sure his players would not make the same mistake.

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When you hear of the name K.C. Jones you don’t think of the player, you don’t even really think of the coach either. He has hidden in the shadows of the great team that ruled the 1980s with Bird behind it all. Without K.C. wouldn’t have been the same story. K.C was a very intelligent man who was courageous enough to make big plays when it mattered. He was a very laid back and did not care that he was not getting much recognition in fact he thanked whomever gave him the recognition and move on. Throughout the book you see K.C and his journey to get back to the top after losing in the NBA finals the year before. He tells the struggles and hardships of being a coach and what it is like to be around such great players