So don’t lose your tracks… stay strong and try to escape this part of reality… fast.

Because the other parts are going to haunt you… anyway. Unlike pain they (the following aspects of reality in this article) don’t have a train of emotions… they don’t have any duration.

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You might have noticed that I have only explored part of the whole thing.

Before we move on… we will take into account the following: Love & Hatred.

Even though love and hatred are complete opposites, they are actually like light and shadow. When somebody loses light (a loved one) he/she gets overshadowed (the reason is already explained in the first part). And when he/she releases hatred, that person takes in light (love)… which eventually leads to happiness.

That means whenever somebody loses a ‘bond’ consolation usually come in to inject hope into that person. Consolation sometimes takes over and gives that person short-lived hope. But more pain can cut off hope’s hold. Hope is something that doesn’t last long… it’s like a pencil line that can be erased any time.

Hope. It’s the ultimate thing that keeps people alive and it’s also the ultimate thing that prevents many people from dying in pain. The ‘bonds’ are created due to hope’s presence. It also creates the greatest disguise of all… happiness.

Happiness paints the blank canvas of reality. It is one of things in life that hope gifts. With happiness, everything has its function. Life doesn’t seem so miserable.

But sadly… to me… life isn’t like that the tank of reality sometimes overflows… and washes out the colours of life… washes out… hope, taking people back to empty misery.

Optimism. Many people take it as a good thing. But to me, it’s actually is cowardice… it means you fear that hope might runaway and cling onto it. It means never accepting in misery… but alas. Human nature is something different. Optimism only holds ideals of hope.

But soon, these ideals get replaced with pent-up exhaustion. Then, people don’t know what exactly they are hoping for.

Heroes. They have different meanings… to me they are just people showing and holding optimism. They hold ideals of hope. They are the carriers of happiness. Every once in a while heroes will pop up and spread their only enlightenment… hope. But hope soon dies out… revealing the blank canvas of reality.

Pessimism. The people who hold it are scared of reality and they let the colours of hope fade away… these people are commonly termed as ‘cowards’. I would too.

Optmism and Pessimism… none of their purest form can ever be inside any human. Then… what is the use of having more than seven billion people in this small world?

Good and Evil. Even though they are complete opposites… they have some similarities. Both of them are Hope’s creations. Good people carry hope to defeat evil… and evil people hope to defeat good. Then again, a question always arises to a person’s mind when we come to this:

Why should evil people want to defeat good? What in the world will they get from defeating good? Happiness? Then which side happiness is on?

Yes. There will be some geniuses who will always try to correct this question. ‘It’s not happiness but satisfaction.’

To me, satisfaction, joy and ecstasy… or whatever positive, can all be termed under happiness.

Now back to the question. Whenever somebody attempts to answer this, they have no choice but to remove the concept of good and evil from his mind. He/she must think good or evil people to be carrying opposite ideals… just like black and white. If that happens… then the answer to it will be as simple as this:

It’s just like the feeling when a hopeful person (who carries ideal X) defeats another hopeful (who carries ideal Y).

Conclusion: There is no such thing as good and evil people. They are just different people carrying different ideals. They are all carriers of hope.

Hope can have many creations. So… try not to let them get washed away. Cling onto them.

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