Life isn’t supposed to be fair. I guess that’s why it’s not. But we still need some balance. We need love.
Love. Such a small word, but the meaning is the purpose of life. You know, love and be loved.
Live a little, love a lot.
Live, laugh, love.
Faith, Hope, and Love. But the greatest is love.
I’m seeing a pattern here.
And then they give is this crazy idea when we’re young that love is easy. Or maybe they don’t give us the impression it’s easy, but easy to find. Or maybe they say neither of those things. But all of us at one time or another believes the lie that we will all find it.
My favorite fairy tale, though it’s not really a fairy tale, is Cinderella. I just love how she beat all odds and became herself. She became the person she was meant to be. Sometimes I forget that that’s not real. That doesn’t happen. You don’t share a dance with a prince, fit your foot in a shoe, and become a princess. It is completely unrealistic, yet hopelessly believable.
I fell into the trap. I honestly believe that there is someone out there that will love me unconditionally, relentlessly. I shouldn’t, should I? Someone once told me that “There is a match out there for everyone.” And I would love to believe that, I really would. But I look at my mom, and she is fantastic. She is just amazing. But she’s single. Why? Why hasn’t she found her one person, with whom she was meant to share her life with?
What I’m saying is, can we ever find the love that we need? Is there a love on earth, such as the one that I have such an almost violent longing for?

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