Public School Superhero by James Patterson

Public School Superhero is a book written by James Patterson. Public School Superhero is a fiction story. The setting of the book takes place in a fictional modern middle school and also in a fictional town.

There were a lot of characters, so I’m going to list the main ones that took up at least half a page of dialogue. Kenny Wright always gets into the middle of things but he is mainly noticed by his “nickname,” grandma’s boy. He also daydreams that he is a superhero named “Stainlezz Steel”.Also, one more main character is Ray Ray a kid with his life all over the place and secretly enjoys playing chess. Also, Kenny’s grandma is one of the main characters as she is one of the most over protective people for Kenny. (Kenny doesn’t like that).

In the beginning of the story, there is always a different principal and a lot of change. When Kenny got in trouble the first time, there was detention and that’s a whole story for itself, and the second time he got in trouble, he lucked out. He got in trouble with a kid that no one messes with, Ray Ray, he is a character that lives with his brother and is somewhat of a delinquent. As a punishment for somewhat of a minor crime (in school) Ray Ray is forced to play chess with Kenny and Kenny is forced to teach him. The first time Ray Ray gets tested to see if he knows the game of chess, he fails, on purpose. This was a major plot twist as Kenny wanted to not teach Ray Ray chess anymore but Ray Ray wanted to learn more and keep on playing the game. They have a fight about it, and after they argued, Ray Ray was trying to get home. He jumped on the back of the bus and then he falls and hurts himself. As all of this is happening, Ray Ray’s brother ends up in jail for a reason the reader does not find out. Ray Ray can’t live by himself so he has to move in with Kenny and that is the story summed up.

To end it all off here is my opinion on the story. This is the best book I have ever read. From beginning to end, I was grabbed and loved the plot. I love how the author, James Patterson doesn’t make this story dark. When I read a book it’s supposed to be enlightening. James Patterson really brought that to the table with this book and if you read it you will sure love it. If you are a kid, in general, this book is really well written because of illustrations supporting the text. It gets that 5/5 from me. Also, the story teaches a copious amount of lessons about friendship and much more. I would strongly recommend you read this book and try to get your teacher to read it as a class.It will teach lots and be very impressive.