Public Relations

Public relations refer to the management of communication from the company to its stakeholders. In order to achieve effective communication, the company should choose a method that reaches its target group within a short period without altering the original message. The model of public relation chosen should be a two way communication model in that both the company and its stakeholders have an opportunity to take part in decision-making and administer effective change.

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Effective public relation in the company should be structured to meet the goals of the company.

Four Models of Public Relations Identified By James Grunig that the Company Uses

Our company uses the two-way symmetrical model of personal relations to communicate to its stakeholders, which is a two-way type of communication. This means both the company and its stakeholders play a role in the running of the company. For instance, we have a public relations department with employees trained on how to communicate to the employees, creditors, potential customers, debtors and investors. This team is linked to the sales and marketing department where they go out to the society, find out the needs of our customers, investigate on any market niche, educate the public on the advantages of our product and demonstrate to them how our new products are used. Seitel (2010) asserts that they are used to communicate to the company’s employees about any changes in the organization and resolve conflicts. This creates mutual understanding and respect among employees and the public.

The Organization’s Publics and How the Organization Communicates to Each Public

The organization’s publics include the shareholders, employees, customers, creditors and potential investors. Harrison (2000) affirms that shareholders need information about the shares and dividends they are supposed to receive. They also need to be informed about how the company utilizes their investment. This is done through the Annual General Meeting. They are also informed through the media such as newspapers and the company’s magazine.

The employees are communicated to through internal memos, newsletters and publications. It also uses departmental heads. Memos are used when the message is to be passed to all employees in the company while departmental heads are used when the message is to be communicated to a particular department.

The customers are communicated to through the company’s salespersons and marketers. These people are trained on good communication skills and have the knowledge on the company’s products. They are also communicated to through the media such as magazines and television.

Creditors are communicated to through I Owe You (IOUs) sent to them to inform them on the amount of money they are being owed and when they will be paid.

Potential investors are communicated through the media. Bivins (2010) confirms that advertisements are put on magazines, internet and televisions inviting members of them to subscribe for the shares of the company.

The Organization’s Key Messages and their Effectiveness

The organization’s key messages include the issue of shares to the public, vacancies available, the financial position and statements, introduction of new products in the market, change of policies and the introduction of new policies and the advertisement of the company’s products.

The massages are effective since the company gets positive feedback from both investors and customers. The company has also had increased profits in the previous financial years due to the effective promotion and marketing strategies, which have increased sales. Most of the company’s shares are fully subscribed to giving the company enough capital to venture in capital investments.

Discuss What Personal Relations Tools Are Being Used or Should Be Used

The company is using internal newsletters and publications, interviews, brochures, press release and print media as its personal relation tools.

Internal newsletters are used to communicate to the company’s employees regarding changes in policies, new targets and events that take place in the organization. Interviews are used on customers to establish the customers’ tastes and preferences and get new ideas on how to improve their products. This also builds a good rapport between the company and its customers. Broom (2008) asserts that brochures are used to advertise the company’s products and give detailed information about the company and the range of products it offers. Press release is used to inform potential investors on the issue of shares, successful applicants and the number of shares they have been allotted. The print media advertises on the vacancies available in the company, their requirements and the duration for application.

To improve the effectiveness of public relations, the company should introduce photographs and historical cases about the company. Sernovitz (2012) affirms that these give the public a true image of the company as they are able to visualize from the photographs. Historical information should be used to educate stakeholders of the progress of the company. This tool is convenient and cost effective.

Identify the Company’s Spokesman and Whether Or Not That Person Is Effective

The company’s spokesperson is Mr. Louis. He is effective as a spokesperson because he is an eloquent speaker and has the skills of capturing the attention of his audience. He keeps his messages to the point and use simple language that makes his audience understand the message. Apart from being social and understanding, he is also a good listener who accepts ideas and contributions from his audience. He is effective because he has been able to control emotions during strikes and established peaceful negotiations between the company and its employees.

The company’s spokesperson is effective due to the regular seminars, training programs and workshops that he attends educating the public on the company’s objectives and the products it offers in the market.

He acts as a link between the company and its stakeholders by passing vital information to them. This information has helped in promoting the smooth running of the company. During these meetings, the audience is given a chance to air their views hence promoting the image of the company.

Describe How Crises Have Been Handled In Your Company or How They Could Be Handled Better

Several crises have featured during the operations of the company, but it has been able to handle them before they could be disastrous. Peaceful negotiations with the employees through their representatives play a major role in reducing organizational strikes. In case of misunderstanding between the management and employees, the management would hold meetings with the employees’ representatives and discuss on how best to solve the problem. These problems may include poor working conditions, demand for salary increases, and equal promotional rights.

Malicious people with the intention of destroying its image have done misrepresentation of the company. The company solves this by issuing an exemption clause and notifying the public of the misrepresentation. This enables the company to evade responsibility in case it is sued for damages due to the misrepresented information.

Discuss How You as an Employee Can Contribute to the Company’s Personal Relations Objectives

I would use the social sites such as face book and twitter to advertise the company’s strengths and the advantages of the company’s products. I would also create a site where I would invite comments from the public about the company’s products and how they can be improved to suit the customers’ tastes and preferences.

Through communication with friends and potential customers, I would tell them about the history of the company, its operations and the future prospects of the company.

I would engage in community service and development to help clean the environment and assist the needy. This is to build a good relationship with the people in the society. It would create a good image of the company.

I would research on technological advancements and advice the company on the best tools of public relations.

In conclusion, public relations play a major role in the success of the business. These include marketing and promotion, conflict resolution and communication with the company’s stakeholders. Public relation tools include print media, press release, brochures and internal newsletters. The success of information passed depends on the media used and the targeted audience.

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