If you offered most teenagers a chance to read abook on grammar, I’m sure not many would jump at the opportunity. PromoteYourself with Better Grammar, however, has proven to be one of my better readingchoices. Unlike many books, Promote Yourself is not one to read from beginning toend in one sitting. Rather, it is meant to serve as a guide to consult when youneed a grammar review.

I was given Promote Yourself with Better Grammar toprepare for the SATs and it was helpful in refreshing many grammatical concepts.I found the section “Modifying Correctly” particularly helpful. Thissection goes over common mistakes, such as when to use “good” or”well” in a sentence. By teaching me the proper grammatical rules, ithelped me not only to prepare for standardized testing, but also to write andspeak correctly on a daily basis, a skill colleges and employers bothappreciate.

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Promote Yourself with Better Grammar has become an invaluableresource as I write papers and prepare for the world beyond school. I stronglyrecommend Promote Yourself with Better Grammar to all those seeking a strongfoundation on which to build their academic careers.

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