Project Management Team

Communication and interaction between various stakeholders as the project is performed is very essential for the success of the project. Project manager has to ensure that communication between him and stakeholders and project team members is effective and efficient. The success of the project of the company’s project largely depends on effective communication and interaction strategy been adopted by the manager. Given the nature of the project that the company is engaging in there is need for the project manager to adopt a communication strategy that allows all individuals involved in the project to feel that they are part of the project and they are not left behind in major decisions relating to the project. The best communication methods that can be adopted in this project are website and direct communication. This will allow the team members and various stakeholders to interact and share various ideas that they have; which if taken into account they can contribute in making the entire project a success.

In forming a project team there is a number of factors that the project manager needs to take into consideration in order to come up with a project team that will be collaborative. First, he should take into account the strengths and weaknesses of each and every individuals who is going to be member of the team. This will help the manager to select team’s members who have different abilities and this is crucial for the success of the project. Leadership capability of the individuals who are going to be members of the project team, this will ensure that the team has a leader. The skills needed in the task to be performed by the team are another factor that the project manager should take into account before selecting project team members. This will ensure that members of the team have the right skills needed to perform the task that they are expected to perform. Finally, span of control is another factor that should be taken into account when selecting team members. The project manager needs to ensure that the number of members in one team is manageable..

There are number of situational factors that can affect the 4warehouse project performance. The team that is expected to perform the task relating to 4warehouse will be faced with a number of challenges that may affect their team. First, group thinking will be a major situation factor that will affect performance of the teams. Lack of supportive leadership will result to the failures of the teams taking part in the project. If personal interests will take the centre of the team meetings, the project teams formed will fail to accomplish their intended purpose successfully.Pressure to conform to certain situations will be a major hindrance to the performance of the teams involved in the 4 warehouse project.

There a number of project pitfalls that I will have to watch as project manager. First, I will have to ensure that adequate resources are availed to each and very aspect of the project, with an aim of ensuring that the project collectively succeed. I also have to ensure that effective communication and interaction strategy is adopted in the project, in order to give room for all project stakeholders to participate in the project. Effective leadership is another factor that I will take into account while overseeing the performance of the entire project. Finally I will ensure that appropriate teams are formed with an aim of enhancing the effectiveness of the project performance. The right teams, with right skills and individuals will be formed to ensure that the teams are appropriate for the execution of the project goals.