Prison Reforms

There are several measures that can be used by the united states of American government in order to reduce the numbers of Latinos and Black Americans in prisons. It is noted that the Latinos and the African Americans that are the once that occupy a larger fraction of our prisons today and the concern of human rights groups is concerned with the American judicial system that is sentencing these two races.

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There are several factors that are supposed to be taken into much consideration in the American constitution as measures aimed at reduce the numbers of the Latinos and African Americans in our prisons. These changes that are needed include the reviewing of these terms and operations of Wedge Politics, Jury nullification, War on drugs, and Dispossession.

The body that is supposed to control these reforms includes the corporation between the Human Rights Groups, The State of Justice and Attorney General that will be able to implement the necessary changes that will seek to address a reduction of Latinos and Black Americans from the jails and positively contribute in improving the country’s economy.

The earlier mentioned terms are seen as the main factors that are associated with the Latinos and African Americans (Dilulio, 1990). Wedge Politics has played a significant role in the sidelining of the Latinos and African Americans who are considered an inferior in America and the whites will discriminate against them as a result of that action. While war on drugs is typically based on arresting the drug users who are caught using the drugs and at the same time leaving the real drug tycoons un-arrested, jury nullification is where the jury will come up with the final sentence of a case before the judge does his final hearing and own assessment of the case thus subjecting the convict to unfair trial (Dilulio, 1990). Dispossession is where public facilities are sold out to the wealthy people in the society in order for a smaller section of society to benefit while a larger section suffers from the selfish trade; this is also known as privatization of a public asset.

The government who is the one responsible for the necessary changes is supposed to listen to the plea that is being sent to them by the concerned groups. The Human Right Groups, Lobbyists / Reformists should be in the position of staging petition and peaceful protests that will help them address these issues to the United States of America government and from the demonstrations and petitions in the parliamentarians /congressmen by the elected member and lobbyists. This will make it easy for the government to look into the matter at hand and introduce the new changes that are being advocated by these groups that are advocating for the reforms in the prison department (Dilulio, 1990).

The organizations that are liable to begin there activities in the law caught this is because the judicial systems will be at the point of passing some legislative solutions that can’t be solved by the legislatures and the petition if passed in the courts. This will make it possible for the organizations to see that they have succeeded in the petitions.

These groups will be able to measure the values of there success this is by seeing the numbers of followers they have lured to follow them and practice there actions. In this case the groups will advocate for the rights of the rights of these marginalized groups in the American society; this will ensure that they are desisting from the negative actions that will expose them to illegal practices.

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