President Obama

These two articles are a mere rewriting of history that is more of worshiping Kennedy than accurate statement of in formation. At the time America was in appealing good shape JFK instilled fear in his entire campaign, and he created out of a whole cloth a legendary “missile gap”, while doing everything at his best to instill fear about the communists. Many think of him as liberal, but in his campaigns he ran right of Nixon while accusing him of repeatedly of being soft to Cuba.

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It is frightening that Obama tried to invoke JFK. His believe was that people should not expect the government to do anything for them, but vice-versa. JFK believed that the American government was not there to serve the people, but that the citizens were supposed the country was a great reverse of what America stood for. This represented a takeover of the United States by the modern corporate. JFKs campaigns were financed by his father who was very corrupt, union buster, an arch-capitalist, a former SEC chairman and a union buster.

JFK is not such a good person as it may be put by the media myth. He was a warmonger and very corrupt. In his first four months in office he began two wars, that of Cuba and Vietnam. Richard Reeves statement that America was united and so by fear and that for the first time since 19th century the United States was vulnerable to invasion by foreigners is unfounded. In 1961 the American economy was greater more than any other of the world and more than it has ever been. The military too was far much powerful, Visa a Vis the adversaries of the United States relative to that of other parts of the world than any time in the following decades. No foreigner could invade America and no one ever thought in those terms.

Although the Soviet Union was acquiring nuclear arms, it lacked a practicable system of delivery. The Soviet Union bombers lacked the range and the capability to go through NORAD, while its missile force could amount to 10 liquid ICBMs fueled in the Urals, which was under watch of the United States U2s for any indication of fueling. However, the USSR was circled by the United States missile bases and bombers. America could hit Soviet Union at will, while they could not retaliate. This imbalance is what steered Khrushchev to his Cuban missile maneuver. America only became susceptible to Russian strike after the soviets installed missile submarines.

It is therefore clear that when JFK gave his inauguration speech the United States was afraid of nothing and United States was unrivaled. America was only amazed by the Soviets’ nuclear advancement, and this was blamed on the Rosenbergs. Sputnik got help from Russia’s German scientists, which the United States counteracted by accessing it’s German scientists. In any case, when John Fitzgerald Kennedy was sworn in America was not in fear of anything. American confidence had not been shaken and its hubris was intact. But it is true that from his inauguration onward it was all downhill, until Ronald Reagan took power when the USSR disintegrated. The recollection of Reeves is distorted that he wants to tell of a feeble United States of America when John Fitzgerald Kennedy got into power.

Today as President Obama rules the United States, many people hang on his every word of his inauguration speech, wondering what he will do to the United States of America and to the whole world concerning the many problems that face the United States of America. This time the United States of America is at war, although this is not cold war. In the Middle East there is war, and the United States continues to face terrorism monster that could not be subdued easily. The whole world and indeed the United States are now at the bleak of a financial crisis redolent in some ways of the unrestrained behavior of the Depression years. This leaves everyone in need to know how America and the world will climb out of the economic depression.

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