Plain & Simple

I want you to be mine. Plain and simple. Not just out of lust, or impulsion, or even that “meant to be,” talk. I am so utterly and profoundly in love, that it pains me to know that you are even thinking of anyone else. And I am not being psychopathic, or unreasonable. If this were just a stupid crush, I would have been over you. But the sheer fact that I have to constantly tell myself to not think of you is an indication that I cannot be without you any longer.

And frankly no one else deserves you. You do not deserve to be blamed for, manipulated, lied to, heartbroken. And do you know why I deserve you? (which is something I would never usually say). It’s because I have been hurt before by you. And we have certainly fought. But we managed to come together again, because just as we are a little crazy with each other, we are a hell of a lot crazier without each other.

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You are definitely not perfect. Nor am I. Nor is anyone. But I am not stupid, despite recent chemistry test scores. I think I am old enough to realize what love is and to know when not to let it go. I am in love with you because you are my best friend. You are funny, and smart, and annoyingly good looking. You do not make me nervous. You make me shine. I do not get butterflies when I am with you I transform myself into the better me. The happier me.

The broken road is rarely traveled. But the destination is breathtaking. You are breathtaking. You make it easy for me to talk about myself, and to smile, and to say what I really think, not just what I want people to think I think. I wish you would stop chasing the girls that will only doyou wrong. I wish you would listen to me when I tell you they will do you wrong. But you have to listen to me now. Because you are mine. Deal with it.

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