Perhaps the Apple Should Fall Far from the Tree

Growing up is hard. It is the climax of life; until you reach a platform where you remain; until you slide downwards. When we are young it is something we desire. We hunger to be older and taller, smarter, wiser, beautiful and handsome. Once we get there it’s far from how we imagined. Growing up is a hell of a trial. One reaches a certain age and the world stops spinning and you begin to sink with the realization that you’re doomed, because the fantasy you created long ago, is a phantom of truth.

Reality is a brutal thing. One begins to understand that there is a vortex which sucks you in with greedy hands, to be part of the routine. Acquire a job, go to school and learn, marry, have kids, and eventually die. It’s the formula the world has provided for us. It is the formula we’ve learned to accept. It’s always been a formula.

One way or another the world devours us, it’s inevitable really, you can’t go around defying nature itself. So if things are so bland and so relentless no wonder it’s hard to find happiness. Adults push for children to have jobs but they themselves are bored from their own life. Yet, the child must conform to the mold, until they too are bored. How does a cycle break? How does a formula fail?

With a flaw. It’s through flaw that we are different, through error that we really learn. The apple should tumble far from the tree, to be more or better than those who created the seed and nourished it’s growth. Otherwise a family will be molded until son is father, father is grandfather, and grandfather is great grandfather. A mirror containing copied images through generation of generation.

Difference is the key to a freedom many have forgotten. To be the doctor that does not simply treat a patient but connect, to be the author who strays from the conventional path, the teacher who cares more for a student than the homework. It is the flaw in the system that is really the heart of the growth.

So let the apples tumble away, let a connection traverse the distance, but do not pick the apple up to put it back on its branch. There need not be more carbon copies. There needs to be a green apple amongst the red. More importantly, let it grow