Parents in the Development of the Personality

Personality refers to an individual’s personal qualities that enable us to establish his identity. Personality development is very natural for an child and is influenced by parents, teachers and other close individuals (Kruger, 2005). Personality is constituted of child’s behavior, child’s intellectual qualities aspirations and feelings attitudes and feelings. The development of a child’s personality depends on several factors such as; how he is allowed to socialize with others, how he is treated by parents and close people as well as the contribution of the school and other necessary facilities (Kruger, 2005). The parent can influence what the child does during available free time. The parent can also influence the child’s dressing and diet all of which play a vital role in development f a child’s personality

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Parents develop the children’s responsibility through various means these are direct interaction, identification and the transmission of various stories (Kruger, 2005). The parents have a role to learn how to develop the aspect of sharing early enough between birth and 18 months of age. The parent also needs to ensure that the child learns how to respect the others interests, strengths and values. This will enable the child to be socially tuned. The child needs to be taught the aspect of responsibility.

My parents played an important role in assisting me develop necessary personality skills. This was basically through enhancing my communication skills. My parents improved my communication skills through encouraging me to socialize in various clubs and social groups. My parents encouraged to communicate through allowing me to express myself even in the presence of strangers.

They also encouraged me to dress well develop patience and participate in various activities that I was interested in such s playing games such as football and basketball. There were activities that I had to carry out before I could proceed with my desired activities. The most essential activities such as going to school and doing my home work were prioritized. My parents also allowed me to socialize but with a few restrictions such as talking to strangers. I was not allowed to go to potentially dangerous areas such as the swimming pool without a guide or caretaker.

Temperament refers to a set of traits that define a child’s personality. The temperaments are closely related to the child’s behavior. There are basically nine temperament traits and 3 basic types of temperaments. These are

Easy or flexible. This temperament describes those children who show normal habits. These children usually have normal eating sleeping and are generally happy. It is therefore difficult to establish when the child has been hurt.

Difficult, active, or feisty; this temperament type describes children who have irregular eating habits. These children often show fear for new things as well as strangers. These children are easily upset by change in environment.

Cautious temperament. This type of child is relatively in active and tends to withdraw from new situations (Kruger, 2005).

After describing these typed of temperaments to my mother she said that I belonged to the easy and flexible temperament. She said that I was calm most of the time and willingly participated in activities. In addition she said that I did not appear to be affected by new environment. I personally think that she is right because as a child I remember being involved in regular physical activities such as games. I also enjoyed socializing and making new friends. I enjoyed eating food and fruits these characteristics fit into the easy and flexible temperament.


The presence of a parent is essential for the development of the child’s personality. The parent can mould the personality of the child positively through simple and basic techniques. The child should always be encouraged and congratulated for the good deeds done. The child should be given freedom of expression, share and socialize with other children and people.

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