Oral Presentation

According to the US Constitution, the US federal government has been issued with the mandate to deal with borders’ issues and protect them from the alien invasion. It is a common knowledge that people who illegally enter the country are usually undocumented immigrants, and it is the work of the federal government to pass judgment on them. American people view the immigrants as a drain of the economy arguing that they take jobs that could have been occupied by the Americans. America is viewed as a super power, and every foreign country believes that it has a good federal government that should secure its boundaries.

Drug trafficking is a major crime that has spread all over the world. However, it is more dominant in the western countries, including the United States. Though it is often risky to distribute drugs, many people are still involved in it mostly because this business brings a lot of money. Most drug traffickers are directly connected with the top government officials so they are usually left unpunished. Therefore, it is the duty of the federal government to take strict measures to curb the drug trafficking.

Women trafficking is also a major problem in the developing countries and it can be traced back to the early 19th century. Most victims of human trafficking end up in forced prostitution and forced labor. All this is quite humiliating and unjust towards people, and the US government should set an example in wiping the practice through verifying every person that crosses the borders of the country.

Weapon trafficking is another crime that leads to many other crimes that are usually committed when people are able to gain access to weapon. Weapon is supposed to be solely owned by people who are legally allowed to possess it by the law. They include policemen and soldiers, since members of public always abuse their rights of weapon usage once they gain access to it.

It is the duty of the US federal government to secure its boundaries and control everyone who crosses its borders to prevent different crimes.

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