It’s just a liquid.
You’re probably thinking; “How bad could this be – I mean it’s just one cup”.
One, nine, or even three thousand cups of this ‘drink’ could affect not only your life, but other lives in various ways. These ‘effects’ aren’t always good. Would you risk losing your memory? Would you risk hurting yourself? Would you risk becoming a victim of rape?
One sip could turn you into an addict.
One sip could change your life entirely.
One sip could get yourself killed.
According to the media and news 63% of this youths generation and adults are drinking alcohol. The impact of alcohol is apparent in almost every aspect of our society. This percentage could be increasing rapidly.

It all could start with just one drink.

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Imagine going to a high school party on a school night, instead of doing your homework like your mother asked. You’ve been offered a drink the fact that there is also water available. Will you reject it? Or have one sip? You’re pressured to drink this substance, but you don’t exactly know what it contains. Whether you drink it or not, one drink could turn into 30 drinks. Alcohol could certainly be addicting. When this addiction does not stop, this person is slowly becoming an ‘alcoholic’. Studies show that the amount of people who drink alcohol is 7 out of 10 in this world. It may be great when you’re drinking and having a blast with your friends, but what will this outcome of ‘drinking’ do to you? Whatever it is, it may not be good, because-

Too little is too much.

I had a friend named Sandra. Sandra was only 9, and so was I. Our families were really close, so one they my mom had to babysit her. Her parents were out at a ‘formal party’, and they couldn’t bring Sandra. It was around 10 PM. The doorbell rang and my mom went downstairs to get it. We waited for 9 minutes when she later came up. Her face was as white as a ghost, as if her soul was sucked out of her face.

“What’s wrong Ma?”

“Yeah – What’s wrong Kim?”

“Sandra, I-I.”, she began to stutter.

“Sandra- I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

My mother clutched both of Sandra’s shoulders. I looked at the both of them with concern. As soon as my mother’s mouth opened, I never wanted to hear those words.

“Sandra- Your parents are in the hospital. They were in a car accident. I hope you realize that they didn’t quite – make it.”

Similar to my mother, Sandra’s face turned ghostly pale. I looked into her eyes, which were once bright blue, now filled with tears. She was sadden. Awestruck from the news, and broken hearted. I had to hold her down from going completely ballistic in my room. She kept sobbing in my pink cotton t-shirt, which created even more dark and wet spots. The cause of this accident? It was alcohol. It wasn’t their fault that they died. It was this liquid’s fault that they died. If they haven’t drank it in the first place, they would have been picking up Sandra from our house by then. Ever since the accident, I haven’t seen Sandra since the funeral. She moved to another state to live with her aunt. We lost contact a long time ago. The once bubbly and outgoing girl that was my best friend, faded out of my life. I still remember what happened from this day.

It’s cruel based on what this liquid could do and affect people. It could be health hazards, disadvantages, or it could take your life away. This list could go on and on. Americans drink 432,000,000 gallons of liquor, 711,000,000 gallons of wine, and 6,000,000,000 gallons of beer every year. The American Council for Drug Education estimates that “nearly half of all Americans over the age of 12 are consumers of alcohol.” Alcohol truly holds a significant place in our culture, and it could affect millions. Especially the upcoming and growing youth. Alcohol is also influenced in the media. For example, this includes; songs, video games, social media websites, and more. There’s a lot of pieces of media influenced by alcohol. For example, ‘Tik Tok’ is a song written by an artist named ‘Ke$ha’ which includes the influence the encouragement of teenage parties and alcohol. The spread of alcoholism could be worse if we do not prevent this now.

Alcohol outcomes have always affected millions throughout the years. Alcohol abuse has grown over the years. Every day there is a report of a robbery, murder, or case of abuse where alcohol was a factor. Drinking and driving is one of the most serious areas of concern. There is a drunk-driving death every 31 minutes in the United States, and alcohol is a factor in almost 40 percent of fatal accidents. When you see someone is presumingly ‘drunk’ their body in the inside states much more. Alcohol is a very poisonous substance to the body. Once you drink it, it goes to parts of the body that you would not concerned about unless you’ve experienced the effects. Such as, the liver. The liver can only take small amounts at a time, so the alcohol waiting to be processed. There is such thing as ‘liver failure’. This is where your liver has been poisoned and cannot take anymore of this substance. This situation may also result to death. Alcohol could also be insert into the brain, where it begins to interfere with cell function and information transfer. This is where this ‘drunk’ person loses their memory. If drinking alcohol just seems to make you sick, think again. Alcohol affects everything from the brain to the liver. A slow and painful death. Never underestimate the effects of alcohol.

Who knows what alcohol can do to you? Alcohol could turn you into a whole other person. Your friend could go from kind and generous, to cruel and depressed. Just from one sip of alcohol. It’s not their fault for changing completely, it’s the drink’s fault. Not only your personality changes, but your health changes as well. You could be sick for days, months, or even years – and even death is a possible result.You could help decrease the number of alcoholics in this world, and prevent our growing youth from getting involved with alcohol by doing simple task. Like not drinking at all, or stopping a person from drinking alcohol. Just say no to those who pressure or abuse you if they’ve been drinking. If that keeps happening, tell a parent or someone who is trusting.
You never know what’s going to happen once you take one sip.

You may never wake up again.

The next time people see you, you may be dead- or alive.

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