On Love and Cynicism

“ I don’t know why people always seem to love love songs, or have a favorite love song. It seems kind of a waste when there are so many other good songs out there that are about things much more significant than love. And anyway it kind of seems like cheating! Just write a song about love and bang, someone instantly likes it no matter how much of a biased, unreasonably mushy, toxic thing it may be. Take Grenade, no scratch that, take almost any song that Bruno Mars has done. When you think about it and the lyrics and what it would mean if love was honestly supposed to resemble that, it would be enough to scare you away from the thought of a relationship.”

“It’s not even because the way we make relationships sound in love songs are over the top, outdated notions of love. Even when there is an addition of reality, that neither of the two people in the relationship are ever going to stop noticing the others flaws, or that relationships don’t have to start glamorously to end up good and healthy and stable. There’s always a little suspension of disbelief that needs to happen before the song gets to be enjoyable. Which is fine, because no one wants to sing love songs that are realistic. Imagine that, ‘ I love you baby! At least i’m mostly sure of the fact that I’m attracted to you and will do things within reason to make you happy with me so that our love will strengthen through time, provided of course I don’t get bored with you or you with me and the people we meet don’t get too attractive!”

“Not to be a cynic but honestly making love into its own separate entity outside emotion and giving it powers under certain circumstances that have to be carried out to the tee, it seems like a pathetic attempt at making emotions mean more than they do.”

“Which of course most people would think that what they feel matters a lot and has a tangible effect on the world and their life. Which is true to a point, but not really as true as love songs, most movies, books, T.V. Shows, and younger naive relatives would have you believe. The truth is love is an emotion. All emotions can potentially make you do crazy things, heroic, villainous, or otherwise motivated. No emotion, is something that can only be shared between two people. No emotion is rare. No emotion will ‘conquer all’. And no emotion means ‘never having to say your sorry.’”

“So not to be cynical but I have better things to do than listen to love songs. Unless they’re country love songs. Because country love songs are extremely entertaining.”

He said all this to the air of his bedroom, waiting for some sort of reply. When none was heard he crawled into his bed and slept, dreaming of love and its fallacy with an annoyed scowl tinging his expression.