Old Yeller by Fred Gipson takes place in the olden days in the countryside of America. The book is about a broken down family the book goes through their everyday life. The book i personally think this book is a good book because it’s really interesting and it teaches a lot of lessons and really shows how life used to be back then. I personally think the book was also well written and really picks up on the lessons taught in the book. It also has very clear imagery which helps you imagine what it was like in the book and what the characters and setting looks like. It also teches lessons like everyone and everything can change for the better with a little love and care. I feel like thats a very important lesson becuase it tells people that love and care is what you really need to change. I feel like this is a lesson from Old Yeller because Old Yeller came into the family dirty, selfish, and a theif but through the book Yeller turned into a loving family dog that loves his owner and works for his food and i feel like he changed because Arliss and Travis gave him a chance and loved and cared for him.

My favorite part of the book was probably when Yeller saved Arliss from being attacked by the bear and Travis finally thought of Yeller as a part of the family. This is my favorite part becuase it showed that Yeller changed and I got really happy becuase Yeller was finally a part of the family.

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