Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult

None of the students of Sterling High woke up on March 6, 2007 knowing that it would be the day that would forever change their lives – nobody except for Peter Houghton. From the very first intriguing sentence to the last powerful page, Nineteen Minutes is a gut-wrenching page turner. Jodi Picoult bravely takes on the emotional subject of school shootings and bullying. The author gives all of her readers a reality check, one that will be very hard to forget. She brings tears to our eyes as she transforms a scared, troubled boy into a monster for whom we can’t help but feel sorry.
Peter Houghton’s wire- rimmed glasses and scrawny body are the source of all the bullying he’s endured over the years. There is only so much physical and mental abuse a person can take before it’s too much. It took Peter 17 years to get to that point. Of course, he had some help from his fellow peers- a best friend that left him for the people that are the main group that have harassed him for years. To make matters worse, her boyfriend and best friend are the people that antagonize Peter more than any one else. This fictional book by award-winning author Jodi Picoult will have you hooked until the very last page.
Nineteen Minutes is a must-read for all. The events that unfold will have you guessing about what really happens until the end. The bullies that have been making Peter’s life miserable are now seen as the victims. The small town of Sterling is in a state of hysteria. While some people are just become more involved with the shooting, others try their hardest to forget and move on with their lives. This book will leave you questioning who’s really to blame.
Jodi Picoult’s novel is written from multiple points of view, making every character seem like a real person in her readers’ minds. Instead of writing chronologically, she successfully switches from the present to the past, giving readers a chance to better understand what led Peter to commit such a harsh crime. Picoult told of the days after the shooting, along with the years before it. She did a great job with every aspect of Nineteen Minutes. Her extensive research paid off when it debuted at number one on the New York Times bestseller list. It also won a NH Teen Reader’s Choice award. People magazine called it, “A brilliantly told tale, one that dares to remind us that someone loved the killer too.” Picoult giftedly tells her story through not just one person’s eyes, but each of the characters, making it an unforgettable book.
With its unique plot and gripping chapters, this book will leave you begging for more. The unexpected twist in the end will have your jaw dropping. Jodi Picoult will not disappoint. Nineteen Minutes isn’t just another book about another bullied teen. It’s the story of how even the most minor comment or action can send a quiet innocent boy over the edge. I can assure you that once you open to the first page, you won’t want to close the book, even after you’re finished.

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