In modern- day, North Carolina Nights in Rodanthe tells about a story about a forty five year old woman named Adrienne Willis. She has to rethink her life when her husband has just left her for a younger woman. Aching with her problem she flees to a small town of Rodanthe, North Carolina to tend a small Inn for her close friend for the weekend. When a major storm rolls in, Adrienne’s getaway seems to be ruined, until a guest named Paul Flanner arrives. Paul also has had come to Rodanthe to forget his own shattered past. Now two wounded people would turn to each other for comfort, and in only a weekend will their feelings change about the past or even the future.

The number one New York Times bestselling author Nicholas Sparks delivers a novel of love, sacrifice and healing throughout this incredible and touching story. Adrienne is healing from the abundance of her husband. Yet, Adrienne is sacrificing her whole life when she lets her husband be happy and remarry with a younger woman. Also, Adrienne thinks she would never find love again because of her age, Adrienne never gives up hope. Nicholas Sparks makes sure that his readers don’t have a problem reading his novels. Sparks uses very vivid descriptions to make them interesting and keep his readers wanting to keep reading his novels. Finally, Sparks has a special touch by giving a very vivid mental image in the reader’s head in every page of his novels.

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Like many other realistic fiction novels, Nicholas Sparks has written countless love, and romance novels. In Nights in Rodanthe and in another novel of his is A walk to Remember. Nicholas Sparks makes not only these two novels special, but also by making a unique twist to both novels at the end. In Nights in Rodanthe is more for people that need to be reminded that love is possible at any age, while in A walk to Remember a younger reader would understand the novel more. This novel talks about a forbidden love between a young teenage couple. Nights in Rodanthe is a page turner, and readers wont be able to put the book down, till the last page is turned. Nicholas Sparks is a fantastic, inspiring author and makes it very simple to his readers to enjoy his collection of novels. For readers that enjoy reading novels that keep you of the edge of your seat would absolutely enjoy this book. Also fans that are fascinated by love, romance, novels, this book is pretty much for anyone that enjoys reading. Nights in Rodanthe is a must read book.

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