Night, by Elie Wiesel, is based on true events he endured during the Holocaust. The words he uses to explain what happened to the Jews and himself is powerful. Elie does a great job using imagery throughout the whole book, which makes readers really imagine and understand the unfortunate events he conquered. The book starts as Elie describes his life and what goes on his in town; soon he sees German forces enter. Soon they take all of the Jews and take them to Auschwitz, they start to separate men and women. The women and children were to be put in the furnace as soon as possible, but the men had to work. As everyone has learned about the Holocaust, the Jews went through horrible events that sometimes resulted in death. They were given little food and became really skinny, and if any Jew couldn’t work, they were shot or put in the furnace. Elie is with his father most of the time in the book, but dies toward the end. The two of them conquered terrible events together but remained strong. At the end, Elie survives and is finally free.

Overall, Elie’s book captures the struggles and ideas of the Holocaust in a way no other History book can. I would give this amazing book a five out five if I could. The message throughout the entire book is that horror must never be allowed to happen again. In my opinion, no one has left behind such a historical story based on personally events. Based on one of the biggest mass murders in history.

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