Newly Created Offices

Newly created and integrated offices around the globe help to follow and fulfill the aim to increase the return to the shareholders. At the same time this situation creates an enabling environment for expanding the market and implement ideas and innovations in various ways.

The external environment is represented by few powerful sectors. In political sector government tries to avoid downturns by developing and implementing new programs. Despite the crisis and disappointing forecasts, in the economical environment is observed a gradual growth. The average growth is 4%. USA holds about 50% of all revenue. Though, comparing to UK the interest rates are lower in Europe and USA. The social sector has concerns almost all businesses. As a result, this influences the correlation between demand and target group. The rapid development of the technologies helps to use the Internet as a tool search. With the combination of the TV and Internet the growth is expected. Forms the environmental scope, consumers usually see adverts. Despite this, the modern approach and development of the technologies helps attract attention and recruit globally.

WRSX Group is influenced by fife forces: buyers, suppliers, new entrants, alternatives, which meet in the competition. On one hand there are companies and corporations, who are ready to buy the product. The suppliers will provide the needed information to the target group, as it was mentioned before via TV, internet: rarely radio and newspapers. New entrants are well-known Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. To the weakness of all companies belongs multidivisional structure, which is based on regions. Duplication in functions, as it is know is the reason of the bribery scandal in Paris office of the company.

The absence of the CRS policy influences the processes in the company. Despite this the approaches, used in the company are creative and innovation poor. However, there is an opportunity to apply to for Cross Media digital application. The threat can come from the agencies, who are taking staff together with clients, who are associated. Usually, these associated clients have worked with staff. The positive thing is that WRSX Group has all possibilities to use integrated marketing, improving client rate. In addition, the present in the economic capitals of the world increases the excess to the human resources, innovations and technologies. The SWOT analysis helped to define the route of the company development.

In order to move company forward there are few steps, which should be taken. To begin with, it will be better to start with the strategic purpose, which delivers integrated service packages, increasing the business advertising, PR and direct marketing. The reputation of the company is everything, as this is the mirror of relationship to the customers and potential clients.

The first step on the way to move the company forward is in overcoming the stories and gossips connected with the company. Stories about corruption in Paris must be forgotten. The second step is to pay more attention to the symbols of the company, as they should show and represent the unity of each element. As it was mentioned above, the hierarchical structure belongs to weaknesses of the company. So, the third point is to define what power is? Who has the right for ultimate control over WRSX? Who has a right to control regional WRSX? What strategies can be implemented? And the final: who is responsible for the implementation of definite processes and technologies? The category power is overestimated in the company.

Despite the strict structure, each region has office that Juliette oversees. As a result, this causes additional expenses. The structure in WRSX is formal. This causes a limited or no sharing resources between offices. The solution need to be found as soon as possible, as this misunderstanding causes unpleasant situations in the work with clients and shareholders. Despite the structure has hiatus, control system, which is implemented perfectly in financial control. Despite the structural imperfection, the WRSX is able to provide good operational, market and business risk management. One of the important things, which company has is a paradigm, based on innovation and creativity. Though, the new office in York is not good in this area. For some reason it will be better to move people within the company. The environmental change can influence the capability of the stuff to innovate and develop.

The board meetings are one of the important actions in the development of the company, as the basic and most relevant decisions are made during them. There are, of course, disadvantages, usually concerned with timing, as it influences the presence on the meetings. Board meetings aim is to improve the state of the company, find solutions on current issues, analyze the current state of the company and develop the long-term and short-term goals for the strategic development of the company. Mostly, made decisions are never implemented, as distance and misunderstandings cause issues, as board is ready to take responsibilities and forget about important things. The best thing is to learn to delegate tasks, but to be very precisely in numbers and directive in decisions.

To ensure and to build a clear environment for the company and shareholders, the best thing is to provide detailed analysis of all risks and threats. One should include opportunities also. The structural decision process helps to create the model and focus on choices and keep them under the scope, until the decision will come into action. Despite this approach, the claim that there are no emotions is maybe false. The strategy is developed from the point of view of pragmatism. But usually, strategy is developed on the emotions of others. So, PESTEL, SWOT and structured decision process are tools on the way of achieving and company development.