The process of globalisation is inevitable; it affects countries and people throughout the world, undermining their cultural, economic and social differences. All the states become interdependent politically, culturally and economically.

There is a dramatic increase in migration processes which bring together representatives from various cultural backgrounds. The United States is an excellent example of an emergency of a multicultural society. A standard culture of consumerism has almost replaced national history, religion and culture. Moreover, in the current context, economic nationalism is beside the point or even destructive to the state that keeps practising it. The single world market is getting more and more homogenised, while national one-sidedness is no longer commercially viable. The European Union and the World Trade Organisation have taken up numerous decision making functions. Thus, states have yielded a considerable part of their sovereignty.

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However, people may fear to lose their national identity, culture and language; therefore, they start protesting against globalisation, fostering nationalism. It can be seen in Estonia, where Russia inoculates the Russian language and culture. A complex interrelationship of nationalism and religion in the Middle East and Africa may continue to create tension in the contemporary multi-polar world. The declared ethnic nationalism in Israel is going to be even further promoted. Separatist movements in the Basque region in Spain, Abkhazia in Georgia, and Scotland in the United Kingdom are only a few examples of potential focuses of nationalism now or in the future.

To sum up, globalisation is the cause of a serious threat towards nationalism. A global market links economies of different states; Internet, advanced technologies, and media can make the culture hybrid or even multicultural. However, nationalism will most probably not vanish from the stage in the nearest future, giving the sense of identity to people of different nations and influencing international politics.

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