Have you ever had that one person, that no matter what you looked like, they made you feel beautiful?
That no matter what mood you were in, they made you smile?

Every time you see them, butterflies filled your stomach and danced around?

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The very first day of Economics, he walked in and the room started to spin around. I fell in love that day and I didn’t even know his name.

He was tall and very thin, he looked like he could be a model. He was very toned for his size. He had short, thin, brown hair, and a perfect hair line. I sat in one row over and one desk back from him. Admiring him from a distance the whole class period. I was always scared I was going to say or do something stupid so I didn’t dare speak to him. Why would I? After all, a guy that perfect, definitely had a girlfriend clinging right by his side. I woke up extra early every A day excited for school, I took my time getting ready, finding the perfect outfit, Each lash perfectly curled, making sure my hair was on its best behavior. I never wanted to look bad in front of him. If he was to see me on a B day, he never would have recognized me. Those days were major battles for me. Sweatpants and my hair in a messy bun, I didn’t even bother putting on war paint. I didn’t see the cute, mysterious guy from my Econ class ever that day. I noticed that he had gotten a new tattoo, and then all of a sudden another new one appeared. I finally worked up the courage to ask to see his tattoo; the first one was on his wrist. It was a black, very detailed cross, which was in memory of his little sister, Danielle. The one on his forearm was his last name, black with very good details and shading. Someone’s last name never sounded so beautiful to me. Capela, a simple six letter word that was so angelic to me, and even sounded heavenly when said. I’m not the typical girl who would have poured my feelings out to anyone; I didn’t even know this guy. He could think the worse of me and I wouldn’t have known. So I didn’t say anything else to him. Now that I knew his last name I found him on Facebook, Instagram, and just about every social media site to find out if he had a girl friend, and just like I thought, he did. Now that I knew I didn’t have a chance of being his girlfriend, I didn’t think I was going to be able to be friends with this boy.I was mad at myself for losing purpose in school, it’s not for me to dress up and look my best for a boy, it’s for me to get an education, and man was I dumb. Months went by, and the semester ended, the class was over and I hadn’t spoken to him since the tattoo incident. I thought he’d be in the same class as me for the second part of the year, government. He wasn’t, I had lost every chance I had to befriend this really handsome stranger. I didn’t want to be his friend anyways; I wanted to be his everything. I wanted his heart to melt when he saw me, I wanted him to go weak at the knees when I said his name, I wanted his long arms to give me bear hugs every day and for him not to want to let go. I wanted him, but that was all just a dream. I couldn’t have this boy, I didn’t even know him, and I was beginning to think I was going crazy. Everyone else just thought it was a bad case of the love bug. I guess him and his girlfriend had broken up at some point from when I saw he did and to the day I decided to look through all of his pictures on Instagram. I couldn’t help myself when I looked at them to like every single one that I scrolled to, I was seriously messed up in the head, this guy was going to think I’m a weirdo or something. After I had liked every single picture he tagged me in something, and my heart started pounding and all I could think was he is going to think I’m some random strange girl who has a weird obsessive crush. He had screenshotted all of my likes and thanked me for them, which he did to every girl that I guess had the obsession thing going on. He could have had any girl he wanted and he knew it, but he didn’t flaunt it at all, and they drove me mad with a little crazy about him thrown in. I didn’t know how to explain how the boy I didn’t even know made my heart race. I have never been in a situation where my heart pounded so fast and butterflies fluttered all in my stomach when I saw anyone, but this boy changed everything. We had talked a few times over social media but never in person since then and I still couldn’t help but fall more and more in love. It’s ridiculous; he didn’t really even say anything to me. It was just the fact that he was on the other end of the conversation that made me smile. He started dating a girl who I thought was my friend but at this point I couldn’t stand the sight of her. That set off everything, ruined everything, and I thought the world was coming to an end, my world that is. I was finally starting to come around and be able to have conversations with this boy, and then some dumb girl with big boobs came along. Okay, so maybe harsh things aren’t the right thing to bring into this because I’ll fast forward a little while. Two months to be exact. They started having problems, and that made me the happiest girl in the world but I couldn’t tell him that, he would think I was a total you know what, and I’m not completely one; although most people would argue that. He started to talk to me again, and I was excited he was telling me his problems, I didn’t want to talk to her, only because she made me sick, every little thing she did was so overly annoying to me now, and her laugh, it was almost devastating to my ears. It hurt to hear that, it hurt to even see her smile. He told me he was tired of her because all they did was argue over stupid things, I agreed because she is very dramatic. It was music to my ears to hear him say he was done with her. I was the happiest girl in the world again! After they broke up, he was all mine, well he didn’t know that yet. We talked every day, texted all night, skyped all night, I was finally happy for real. We started hanging out more and more and one thing led to another and we saw love in each other. He was in love with me, as I had loved him the whole time. It was a dream come true, honestly. He told me that he liked me, and that he wanted me to be his girl, at first I turned him down because him and the girl who’s name we don’t say out loud hadn’t been apart long and I wanted to make sure I wasn’t the rebound girl, or the girl to get back at her with, If he stuck around afterwards for however long I needed I would have known it was true, that Tyler truly liked me for me. I guess you probably want to know if he did or not, and to answer your question, yes. He stuck to me like glue, and I was proud of myself, I hadn’t let anything or anyone get to me. People told me nonstop when they found out we were talking that he didn’t really like me, he was just using me to get back at the nameless girl. I started to believe them at first, how could someone like him truly want to be with someone like me? I’m not the prettiest or skinniest girl around, I don’t have any talents, but when he talked to me, I knew. He wasn’t kidding around when he said I was the one for him, he meant it. Each word that spilled from his lips I slipped further and further in a love coma, I never thought I’d ever get so attached so early, but the things he said to me, the way he touched me, the way he kissed me, it was like he didn’t want to ever let go, like we were lost in paradise and nobody else existed. He made me feel like the only girl in the world, and still to this day he does. He has impacted my life so much, he took me as his girl and showed me what love really was and felt like. He honestly cares about me, I never had that ever before him, and I have never been so lucky in life. We have been together now for a while, and he still gives me butterflies. He is the only reason I am ever motivated to do anything, even get out of bed. I wake up each morning with a smile because it’s another day spent with him, another day full of his love and passion for me. Thinking of him gets me through even my toughest days, because he makes me feel wanted, loved, and needed. He is the light in my path, and I know that the path I chose led me to him, and that’s the right path for me.