My Other Half

For starters I am a lesbian, an I am out, but I am not, I don’t hide it from people, but not everyone knows. So unlike most girls who dream for prince charming, I sit an day dream for the lady in waiting. The lady is meant to be there for the Queen, to help with choosing of clothes, helping plan major event, going to said events, they are always by each others side. They are more then being part of the royal family they become the Queens companion. And that is how it all starts isn’t it, companionship turns to love. My other half the one that I plan to marry is my best friend.
I have watched many of relationships that all have the same storyline, “I married my best friend.” Oh, adults that haven’t found it yet and even the ones that have say you are to young and don’t know anything. But you do when you fall you fall hard. I am not talking puppy love here, for everything the other does makes you smile and fall deeper in love.
My other half will be caring and loving specially when it comes to friends and family. Yet at times it will become irritating when she over worries about me and my safety, but she will throw me one of her heart warming smiles and I will be reminded it’s only because she will care with everything she has. Passion, will be something she doesn’t lack. In whatever she does her whole heart will be there a hundred percent, from dance to paint to photography to making me smile she won’t stop until she has succeeded. She will always make sure I have a smile on my face.
With everything so serious in the world these days it is a good thing to be able to relax an act like your a kid again. I am a four year old at heart as well as she, we will goof around, she will make me laugh like no one else can. Yet, when I need her to be serious she will be, she will be one of the very few people I will be able to have a deep conversation with, I love exploring her mind. While exploring I may find something I don’t agree with or like or find something completely stupid, in my view at least. She will be stubborn as hell but so am I, we may argue at times and frustrate one another. Yes, we may “fight” have arguments but they will more of us voicing our opinions on a subject. We won’t be afraid to hurt the others feelings with our views because at the end of the day this topic won’t break or make us, we will know that the other will accept or acknowledge the others view.
She will be the most stable thing in my world I can honestly say and she will make everything in my life easier even if it is simply taking my hand to calm me down. She will be extremely supportive and there whenever and where ever I need her. From my countless doctor visits to listening to my crazy wild ideas, stories and the parts of my life she missed out on that day. She will push me when I need it and I know she will never hold me back from anything, she will be the drive that I need, the one that keeps me going.
My other half will be the girl of my dreams she will be everything I have ever wanted and more, so how does one truly explain that. How does one write out their love for someone, for you can’t go looking for the perfect person, the perfect person finds you, you never know it could be the person sitting next to you right now.

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