My favorite thing to do is writing essays for English class. When I’m writing a book report I take my time writing, because I want to make a good grade, and I want it to be a good piece of work. Sometimes, when I am bored in the weekends, I get my journal and start writing anything that happens to me. Before I go to bed every night, I write in my diary of what happed to me that day.
Writing makes me happy sometimes because I don’t have anything else to do. I enjoy writing when I am bored sometimes. Sometimes I write stories that come to my mind. When I’m mad I write about it, so I can’t forget. Sometimes I write notes too when we go shopping so I don’t forget it. I always had notes in front of the refrigerator, so I don’t forget.
Whenever I write a paper it keeps me interested on it and not other stuff like drugs. I pay more attention to the grade I am going to make and not to other stuff that I don’t want to try that can ruin my life. It’s better to keep out of drugs so you don’t lose your family and friends. I think it will be better writing instead of making bad choices. It’s better to have a family than to live in the streets.

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