A boy, a secret, a choice, this was the line on the front of the book that caught my eye. Ever since I checked this book out I haven’t been able to put it down. There are so many awesome things about this book that many teenage girls would enjoy.

The setting takes place in a town on the ocean. It’s always warm and full of tourists. Inside this town lives a 17 year old named Samantha. In a house with a neat yard and an even neater inside. Samantha has always lived in this house. Even after her father left her family, they still stayed in that house. She mostly stays home and lays low, unless she is going to her private school or going to swim practice. Every night Samantha stands outside on her balcony and stares into the next door neighbors yard. These neighbors are nothing like Samantha’s home and her family.

Sam’s mother has always disliked these neighbors. Some reasons would be their messy yard, the constant screaming, and kids running everywhere.The neighbors last name is Garrett. Samantha’s family knows nothing about them except that everything next door is chaotic.It’s always crazy over there and that’s what Samantha’s mom dislikes most. She is a very neat and organized person and the Garretts, not so much. Sam has always wondered what that life would be like if she was a Garrett. She would have to right to do a lot more and run freely. Her life wouldn’t be like her mom’s. She feels the pressure to be just like her.

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Sam has never talked to a Garrett. Until one night when she was sitting out on the balcony when she heard a voice saying hello. It was Jace Garrett. They talked for awhile that night until Jace went back home. Sam couldn’t believe she was talking to a Garrett. She just hoped her mom wouldn’t find out because she would be very upset. This was the night that her life turned around. They start talking every night and going over to each other’s houses. After seeing each other for awhile they both fall in love and began dating. The final question is will Sam’s mother be okay with this relationship? She can’t keep it a secret forever.

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