“Men are what their mothers make them” is a quote by Ralph Emerson that I believe is very true. Now I am only fourteen years old and I’m still a kid. By no means am I a man yet, but I think that I am a pretty good kid and usually do what’s right. A lot of this is due to my mom and all she does for me. Everything she helps me with and supports me through shaped me into who I am today. If I didn’t have a mom like mine, what would I be like, how would I act? I guarantee it wouldn’t be better then I act today. A lot of the things my mom does for me I can see very clearly. But sometimes I take small things for granted and don’t recognize how hard she really is trying to help me. When I really take a step back and look at it, I realize just how much she does to help me. A lot of these things may not even help her, but she does them to help me. I’m not the only one she does this for; it’s just how she goes about life. My mom has many characteristics that benefit not only her but others around her also. She is a very unique person who I look up to and consider her my hero. Some of these characteristics that benefit not only her but others also are being, strong, careful, and supportive.


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First, to start off with how my mom is strong. One way my mom is strong is being mentally strong. I think being mentally strong is one of the hardest things to do and personally I’m not to good at it. When challenges pop up and things happen out of nowhere people just have to be ready to react and just deal with it. This happened a couple of years ago when my dad died. It was a snowmobile accident, so it was not expected or anything. Now all of the sudden my mom is a single parent trying to raise three kids. She has worked very hard and done a very good job raising us in my opinion. Also she is very stern and usually sticks to her guns. This usually isn’t something I really like because I’m always the one begging for something. I may not like it but it is better to be more stern than to let children run around crazy I think. Another way my mom is strong is emotionally. I believe that being mentally and emotionally strong is better than being physically strong. People can’t train mental strengthness or emotional strengths; it has to come within. We have to be able to deal with our emotions and not let them get the best of us in situations. My oldest sister is kind of a pain in the rear. My mom is always trying to help her and get her to do things, but she just doesn’t listen. If I was my mom, I would probably lose my mind every other day but she doesn’t. She tries to keep her cool and just move on from the situation. I admire that and hope I learn to be more mentally and emotionally strong throughout my life. My mom is a strong, stern person but she also has a gentle caring side.

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When it comes to care, my mom is at the top of the list. No matter what we do or who we become I know she will always care about me and my two sisters. I’ve heard this many times from many different people, “If I yell at you that means I care and I’m helping you; it is when I stop yelling that we really have a problem.” I think this is very accurate and true. If we reallythink about it the only reason people yell at others is to help them out. My mom will get on my case every once in awhile and of course I will get mad. When I really think about it though I’m glad she will yell at me a little to keep me in line. I realize that everything she does is to help me whether it does or not that’s the reason she is doing it. My mom is also always asking questions. Everyday when I get in the car after school or practice it’s, “How was your day?” I usually just say good and don’t think much of it, but what if she didn’t ask? I think after about a week I would start to feel bad and think she doesn’t care. Even though I get annoyed, I am glad she asks these questions because it shows she cares and wonders about my day. She also is always helping out whether it is schoolwork, or anything I’m working on. Without my dad, it is nice to have someone by my side helping me throughout whatever I do. Besides me, she is also caring about other people. Every birthday or graduation she is always sending cards and money to some people she doesn’t even know that well. I bet it means a lot to those people who receive these cards and that is why my mom does it. I also know my mom prays every night. I don’t know exactly what she prays, but I bet it’s not to win the lottery or something like that. I’m sure she is asking for people to stay healthy and strong. Some of these people she may not even know. My mom is a pretty small woman and not very physically strong. I know if someone tries to break in or something, she will do her best to keep not only me but my sisters and houses as safe as possible. One trait that goes hand in hand with caring, is being supportive.

Personally I play three sports: football, basketball, and baseball. My other sister that is still in school does weightlifting also. Somehow my mom manages to get to everything we do and support us in our activities. Every game I can hear her in the bleachers cheering as loud as she can. Most of the time it really makes me mad because it embarasses me, but I know she is just supporting me the best that she can. Being fourteen years old I obviously don’t have my license yet, so my mom has to drive me everywhere. I can’t even imagine how many miles she puts on coming to my activities, and giving me rides to practice and the gym. I take for granted all of the rides and her coming to my games, but I thank her very much for these things. Making decisions is another thing that my mom supports me in. My mom played volleyball all throughout high school and just loves it. My sister recently quit playing volleyball and, although I’m sure my mom doesn’t like her decision, she supports it and just goes with the flow. She still goes to most of the games to support our town and community. We all also make dumb decisions throughout our lives. If I have a dumb idea or decision, my mom is always there to help guide me in the right way. Whether it is not doing what I was going to do or learning from my past mistakes and benefitting from them. I’m sure my mom has made plenty of mistakes which all help guide her to who she is today. To say that my mom is a supportive parent is an understatement. She goes above and beyond to help me be the best kid I can be and eventually man.

My mom is a very strong, careful, and supportive woman who I consider my hero. Moms play a very important role in young kids lives and I am very blessed to have one like my mom. I believe kids usually reflect on how their parents are and hope people can tell that I am raised by a wonderful woman. The quote “Men are what their mothers made them”, is a very true and accurate statement in my opinion. Everything I just talked about shows how my mom helps me and others in every aspect of her life. As I have said multiple times my mom does a lot of these things to benefit not herself but others. I think it is very hard to do that, and I know I don’t always like to do things that don’t benefit me. Let’s be honest, who does? Being still very young, I believe I am still in the making to become a man. I hope my mom continues to guide me through all the ups and downs to get me to be one of the nicest men out there. I’ll admit it I got a lot to learn in the upcoming years of my life. Good thing I have a great person that will guide me through it all, and help me out.

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