It’s all so meaningless without you by my side. When we were together..I hoped it would last forever though I knew it won’t because you never wanted it to. I was the only who wanted it to last..on your part well you were just passing time ๐Ÿ™‚ I was always just an option for you when you meant the whole world to me…
Despite knowing all this I loved you..I loved you unconditionally.
I never wished anything from you because just being with you gave me all the happiness of the world.
When you came closer and I could feel your breath on my ear and you whispered “I love you”….Those words never carried so much meaning to me as they did then but little did I know that they were feelingless
You never loved me..accept that!
Because you don’t destroy the people you love and yes you destroyed me!
I no longer love now..the smile is just plastered on my face as I no longer want sympathy from people because I know I can never heal.
I’ve just become a grenade..I’ll hurt anybody who tries healing me.
You destroyed me.
You destroyed that smile.
You destroyed that girl who loved you more than anything.
I know I deserve better but still some corner of my heart still beats for you?