Have you ever been misjudged? I did before this one time in secondgrade. It was the first week of school i into class i didn’t know anyone in the class there was so many kids in one class then the teacher walk over to come and greet me she said ‘‘Hello my name is Mrs.Cambell nice to meet you.’I said h-h-h-hi m-m mm my name is David jr nice to meet you’’ as she hold her hand out she shook my hand her hand it felt like a warm welcome to the class ’as she show me to my seat everyone was looking at me i felt nervous my hand were getting sweaty some of the kids were saying something white and then i was like oh great here we go again people think i’m a white kid.

During break the kids start talking about me it was kinda starting to make me mad so then I wait to confront them after the break then i told them hey why were you talking about me then they were me pretending not to hear me so then i was kind of pissed off later that day right before lunch they start saying i don’t belong here i’m a white kid in my head i was like what are they talking about what do they mean i’m white don’t they see my last name it’s Alvarez NOT jhonson,nickson or willson its Alvareznow i was furious then it came lunch time at that time i went up to the kids who were making fun of me and i said to me I am not a white boy, I am mexican- american. The kids sit there silently.

Next before you judge some maybe get to know them before you say something.

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