Milk And Honey by Rupi Kaur

Poetry, made out of emotion and love. The deepest secrets and advice you can get. Emotions and feelings run high in Milk And Honey. Rupi Kaur gives you every angle of what love is and what love comes with. From the positive effects to the most negative effects of love. Each page is filled up with tension, making you want to read more. It’s the type of book that makes you crave for it, it’s smooth like milk and sweet like honey.

Milk And Honey is pure. The author, Rupi Kaur helps you understand that love isn’t always sunshine, but it also helps you understand that love can be amazing on so many different types of levels. Kaur breaks the book up into four sections: The hurting, The loving, The breaking, and The healing. The hurting speaks on the negative effects love carries. The loving speaks on what love is and feels like, and the positive effects on which love carries. The breaking is the search to find yourself, you may be broken by what love has may caused to do to you. The healing is love has cured you, it may had brought you down and hurt you, but it got you backup and made you into the person you are after you went through these stages.

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I feel as if anybody can relate to her poetry. I myself can relate a lot to it. From a young mind to a one with someone with knowledge and has the most experience, i feel like anybody can take something, whether it’s a sentence to a whole bunch of pages, maybe even a whole chapter… or the whole book. That’s not the point, what i’m trying to say is love is like a rollercoaster it can feel so good but yet so scary. You experience what love is and may be scared after you complete the stages. Milk And Honey can guide you into these stages. Though at the end, all that will remain is the love you have for yourself and that’s all that matters.

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