Military and Economic Instruments

In the past, countries did not have a problem relating with one another since there were few policies complicating activities between two nations. Under such circumstances, the American government had an easy time in applying their foreign policies. However, due to the changes taking place all over the world currently, globalization is complicating activities making the foreign policies extremely difficult. For this reason, America uses military and economic instruments in its foreign policies, to affect affairs of other nations worldwide. The paper analyses economic and military instruments of foreign policies, which the American government employs to affect the affairs of other nations.

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Political Science. American government has certain policies and strategies that help in protecting its citizens from harm, caused by other nations. As a rule, America uses military as an instrument to enhance their political power. Firstly, America is known to be a super power nation that has political influence across the globe. To ensure the country does not lose its powers, government uses military, to protect their citizens and attack other nations that are becoming a threat to the country’s interests. Additionally, the USA uses military to restore powers to nations, affected by political instability. For this reason, they ensure their political interests are protected and are maintaining political supremacy all over the world.

Secondly, the American government uses economy as an instrument in their foreign policies. In those countries that America has a political interest in, it employs economic measures of influence. In this case, the US helps those countries that experience difficulties and their interests are aligned with the American ones. On the other hand, it places economic sanctions to those nations that have opposing intentions. Through this strategy, the US ensures these nations are not able to development economically and do not have possibility to trade with other nations. Therefore, using economic and military instruments in their foreign policy, America affects the political climate of other nations.

Humanitarian Purposes. As a super power, America is expected to protect the rights of those people, who are affected by natural disasters or war. The US, therefore, uses military as a part of the foreign policies on humanitarian grounds, to protect the inhabitants of certain territory. For example, innocent lives were being killed in Afghanistan due to harboring terrorist actions. Additionally, there was a civil war affecting the nation. Therefore, America had to intervene and send military troops to protect innocent lives in Afghanistan on humanitarian grounds. Moreover, United Nations expects America to provide military help for humanitarian purposes to protect innocent lives.

The American government also employs economic instrument as a part of their foreign policies on humanitarian ground. For example, countries in Africa are suffering due to lack of food, water, and other basic needs. Additionally, these countries do not have a strong economy that can sustain their needs. As a result, poverty and hunger engulfs them leading to death. In this case, the American government offers these countries economical help to rebuild their economy, reducing the poverty levels. America applies military and economy instruments to help people to satisfy their needs as a part of their foreign policies relating to humanitarian grounds.

Development Purposes. Across the world, countries are trying to develop in order to improve their living conditions. However, some nations find it difficult to improve their economy, especially in developing countries. In this case, it might be expensive for them to maintain own military in and, at the same time, improve development of the country. For this reason, the American government is ready to offer military assistance to these nations, to let these countries develop until they can be able to support a military in their country.

In addition, the US government uses economy as an instrument of interaction between the US and other countries. For example, many developing nations are struggling to survive and need to improve their resources to increase overall performance. In this case, America steps in, as a part of their foreign policies, to help these countries. In this case, the US uses economic instruments by providing resources that will lead to a significant increase in development of these nations. Additionally, the American government makes it their foreign policies to help in developing other nations for purposes of increasing overall economic performance of the USA. It becomes possible as America gets access to cheap resources, available in developing countries.

Democratization Purposes. In some countries, there is dictatorship, and people do not have any rights. In this case, leaders exploit the power and people, to gain more influence and become richer. Additionally, they use their passion to kill those people who tend to oppose their government and policy. This results in lack of democracy and low living conditions. For this reason, the American government uses the military force as an instrument to restore democracy in these countries as a part of their foreign policies. An excellent example is how America employed military in Iraq, to restore peace and build democracy. The US military has overthrown Saddam Hussein, the national dictator. Although democracy has not been fully restored yet, the American military is using everything in its power to ensure peace.

Secondly, the American government is using economy as an instrument to restore peace and democracy in countries suffering from selfish leaders. The American government is able to punish the governments by imposing economic sanctions creating a barrier in their development. An excellent example is Kenya during the post elections violence in 2007. The US threatened the Kenyan government to restore peace and democracy to its people or the country was said to experience economic sanctions, which, in turn, would affect the economy. As a result, peace and democracy was restored in Kenya in some months. Therefore, military and economy are powerful tools used by America, to restore democracy.

Security Purposes. America is ready to do everything to protect its own citizens from any security threats. Recently, the USA has been receiving numerous terrorist threats creating serious security problems. For this reason, they are using security forces to gather information in foreign countries relating to security. In this case, the military is used as an instrument, to gather information that might be helpful in protecting them from any security threats. For example, the military is gathering information from countries across the globe, like Afghanistan, Iran, and Iraq, to secure their territories.

Secondly, the American government is using economy as an instrument to protect national interests and ensure the country’s development. In this case, the US is funding other governments’ allies of the American government to access information that poses any threat to America. Additionally, the US appropriates funds for security forces of ally governments to prevent security threats that might affect their own national interests. The ally nations are able to focus on other parts of their economy and internal policy, since there security forces are taken care off.


Globalization causes new challenges and complications to the foreign affairs of the countries. Under such circumstances, the American government is employing military and economic instruments as a part of their foreign policies, to protect their interests. Firstly, the government needs to increase the political influence across the globe. Additionally, the country needs protection from outside security threats. Moreover, it is a requirement for America by the United Nations to provide humanitarian help to innocent, suffering people. Finally, based on their interests, the US improves development and democracy of other nations. Therefore, the country is using the military and economic instruments as powerful tools to drive their foreign strategy.

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