Middle School Get Me Out Of Here by James Patterson

One of the most entertaining books that I have ever read was Middle School Get Me Out Of Here. This book’s genre is a realistic fiction, along with the book being written by an amazing author James Patterson. The setting of the story starts at the main character Rafe’s hometown Hill Village. Soon then the setting gets moved to the big city. The time of this story takes place in the present. This is where it begins.

First, the main character in Middle School Gets Me Out Of Here is a thirteen-year-old boy named Rafe Khatchadorian. Rafe has a unique personality because he can be understood, he has a good sense of humor, he is honest, he can be crazy, and all he wants to do is make friends. Soon after when Rafe and his family move to the big city, he enrolls into an art school called Cathedral. Rafe is a normal kid that usually wears sweatshirts and has black hair that is kind of spiked up. A lot of relationships with the other characters. There is his mom, then his missing dad Luca, his imaginary friend Leo, his sister Georgia, and his friend Matty. So to conclude Rafe is the main protagonist in Middle School Get Me Out Of Here.

Secondly, even with the Rafe being the main character there are a lot of secondary characters that impact the story. Rafe’s mom compacts the story because they move to the city because her job Swifty’s Diner burns down, and she helps Rafe with his drawings because later she wants to become an artist, along with she always understanding Rafe. Georgie is Rafe’s little sister that drives him crazy but he can depend on her if he needs help. Rafe’s Grandma Dotty has an impact because she provides the house for the family to live in, then she shows Rafe the pictures of his dad. Matty is one of Rafe’s first real best friends, and Matty is always by Rafe’s side, but he does have the edge because he does sometimes steal but can be a good friend. Hairy is Rafe’s uncle that doesn’t get on the right hand when he first sees Rafe, but then he recognizes him but doesn’t wanna tell Rafe about his dad. Then lastly is Leo, Leo is Rafe’s imaginary friend that is supposed to be Rafe’s dead brother, Rafe gets most of his art ideas, and he can always have Leo by his side.

Lastly, in the beginning of the story, Rafe thinks that his life is getting into the track but then his mom’s job Swifty’s Diner burns down. Since his mom can’t find work they must move to the big city, to live with their grandma Dotty. When Rafe moves to the city he can’t go to the art school he was supposed to go to in Hills Village. Soon after a while in the big city exploring Rafe’s mom gets an interview for Rafe to go to a new art school. Soon Rafe gets enrolled into Cathedral. Along with him going to Cathedral Rafe makes one of his very first human best friend, Matty the Freak, and Matty is always by his side. Soon then Rafe’s grandma finds pictures of Rafe’s dad Luca. Rafe tries to find answers but his mom won’t say anything. Then Rafe hunts down his uncle with Matty but then Rafe’s uncle doesn’t recognize him and can be really stubborn, but when he realizes he tells Rafe that he can’t tell him anything about his dad. This starts to inspire Rafe’s art project of the spring fall art show at his school. Soon Rafe takes a break from trying to find his dad to just relax. Then on a field trip to a museum of art to were, Matty tries to steal. Matty goes into the bathroom and Rafe goes to wait outside the gift shop with his backpack, but what Rafe didn’t know was there was a stolen pen. For a little Rafe takes the blame but then he comes clean to the police and says that Matty had stolen. Soon Rafe got on Matty’s bad side and he hacks into Rafe’s project to make fun of his runaway dad. The Rafe gets mad and takes money from his family to take a bus to Hills Village. Soon his mom comes to pick him up and they talk about his dad. This may be a spoiler so if you don’t wanna know skip to the conclusion. After they were talking for a while his mom drives to a cemetery and goes to Rafe’s dad’s grave. With this Rafe’s mom tells him that his dad was a war hero. Soon when they are driving they see that Swifty’s Diner is rebuilt and Rafe’s mom gets offered a new job. After taking the job Rafe, his mom, and his sister Georgia move back to Hills Village and then Rafe quits Cathedral and goes to the art school he was supposed to go to in the first place.

To conclude, this book was amazing and a wonder to read. With the suspense to find out what had happened to Rafe’s dad. This book had come with a lot of adventure of Rafe exploring his new environment the big city. James Patterson is a wonderful author and has made so many amazing books. Middle School Get Me Out Of Here states that you should never be afraid to be who you are and that it is ok to be different. I don’t like reading that but this booked had changed that because it had brought my attention and I couldn’t stop reading. Middle School Get Me Out Of Here it had changed my perspective on books that I should change my mind and start reading more. This book is so wonderful with all of the characters and this book will not go to waste once you pick it up. For the recommendation, it is for kids 10-15 because the book can compare to life. They would enjoy it because it has a lot of comedy, wonderful art, and the story never stops and it makes you when you have to put it down, to make you wanna pick it up again. Middle School Get Me Out Of Here is a wonderful book that I believe you will enjoy reading even if you don’t like reading that much.