Mean People

Mean; 1 Unwilling to give or share things, esp. money; not generous. 2 Unkind, spiteful, or unfair. 3 Vicious or aggressive in behavior. Those are the definitions for the word mean from Mean might mean to someone getting made fun of, or being kicked out of a group.

Why are people mean? Well, there are many reasons like, they are jealous, they are forced into it, they might just be like that all the time, or they know they will be next if they don’t pick on someone else first. For some really wrong reason people think it is cool to pick on someone else. Why would that be cool? All it is doing is showing the person who is being mean is insecure about themselves. I don’t know what defines you as “popular” except usually they are people who like to put other people down.

I have seen people plainly to someone’s face say they don’t like them or they are ugly. They make faces when someone walks by, or sometimes they mock them. One of the most common things I have seen is when a couple people will talk just loud enough for you to hear, and say really mean things about you. Then they look at you and laugh. Eventually it gets around the school, and if you don’t want to be picked on you will make fun of that person too.

Everyone says they won’t be mean but when it comes down to you or the next person being picked on, you would choose the other person. People need to learn how to treat people fairly, and not judge people by what they look like or what they wear. The world would be a better place if at least a couple people a day didn’t pick on other people. Then kids wouldn’t have to stress about what to wear and if their hair was ugly. Kids would be able to walk down the hall with their heads held high instead of looking at the ground, afraid they are going to get picked on.

People would have so much more self-esteem, and feel better about themselves. They would feel more confident and talk to more people. So many kids lives have been ruined because they get made fun of in school. Everyone should have the same chance at a fun experience in school.