Maze Runner by James Dashner


I read the amazing book and watched the thrilling movie on the story of, Maze Runner. I loved the unique story of teenage and adult males that are sent up in a small cage, up to their new home for who knows how long. Their minds are completely wiped clean from everything they know, so bad that they can’t even remember their own name. After being sent to the “Glades” they are surrounded by these ginormous stonewalls, forced to survive and adapt in an area so new to them. All what they call themselves, “Gladders,” are too frightened to venture pass these monumental and mysterious stone walls to see what roams out there, all they know is that they are trapped and outside the glade is a giant maze. Except for the few, hand picked “runners” are allowed to leave the glade, to study and examine the maze for a way out. But what this story is about is one of the Glade’s newest members, Thomas. Something is different about this newbie; he’s strange, curious, and anxious.

Thomas remembers more about his past then anyone else in the Glade, which what he doesn’t know yet but it is to his advantage. Being the newbie none of the other gladders treaty him good, they all sense a weird vibe from him. They say very little things to him, tease him, and make him feel horrible. That doesn’t faze Thomas at all because all he wants are answers. He does not rest easy with the limited answers the other gladders are giving him about the new place.
The next strange thing that happens at the Glade is 3 days after Thomas had arrived from the box something else came up. This brought worry and confusion to the Glade, which led to the suspicion that Thomas was behind it. Another arrival of the box was very out of the ordinary of the schedule in the Glade. In the box was a teenage girl.

This was the very first girl to be brought into the Glade, EVER. Placed in her hand was a note; “THIS IS THE LAST ONE. EVER.” Now everyone needed answers of what was going on and what this would mean for their future. Thomas knew exactly what he needed to do, become a runner and find a way out for everyone. All he needed to do was get approval for the leader of the Glades, Alby. This takes a lot of persistence and nagging in order for Alby to approve Thomas to become a runner, but he finally allows him to go out there. What will Thomas find, will they all get out, what will happen to them? You’ll have to read the book or watch the movie to find out.

I personally prefer the movie to the book because I love this action story and I feel that the story has a better impact on you to watch the movie and the characters. The movies graphics gives you more feelings with excitement, anticipation, confusion, and keeps you on the edge of your seat wanting more and waiting for unexpected twists; and as you get further into the movie the better it gets. I also love the choice of characters they used for this movie.

The amazingly handsome, and super cute Dylan O’Brien, from Teen Wolf, plays the main character in Maze Runner, Thomas. This adds so much more feelings in the story because you are worried that something bad might happen to him. The other good decision that they made on a character was Thomas good friend on the Glade, Chuck. In the movie this boy maybe about 12-13 with brown curly hair, more on the chubbier side, fair skin, played Thomas’s best friend on the Glade. This worked really well because through out the movie Chuck helps Thomas and really looks up to Thomas like an older brother. I feel that the character choices were well chosen and that it really helped the movie to become 10x better and powerful.

There are a lot of differences from the book and the movie and I like the story better from the movie differences than the book differences. Something that is very different is that in the book Thomas remembers things immediately but in the movie he takes some time to even remember his name. In the book, Chuck is really mean to Thomas and everyone basically treats him horribly rather than in the movie everyone in the Glade has like brotherhood companionship that everyone looks out for one another. I really like that everyone treats everyone nicely like a family than in the book with everyone only wanting and fighting for individual survival. Another different between the book and the movie was that in the night when the grievers come out night. In the book the grievers take one boy at a time where in the movie the grievers come out and bring mass destruction to the glade and everyone in it. These differences have a little bit of impact on the story and how you see it in the movie compared to reading the book.

I personally would recommend you to watch the movie of Maze Runner rather than read the book because this story is meant to be visual. This story is very intense and watching the movie can only capture the intensity. Even the way the characters feelings, expressions and personality will make you feel all sorts of emotions throughout the movie. You must see this movie!