I’m walking home from school and i heard a scream it sounded like bloody murder. If you like Freak The Mighty thank you will love this book. Max The Mighty by Rodman Philbrick. this book is a Fiction book.

My name is Maxwell and i love this advancer and i think you will to. This mainly took place on the road.Maxwell is a young chicky boy, who saved a nice sweet girl. Grim and Gram, are like Maxwell parents because his mom is died and his dad is in prison.Rachel is a nice sweet little girl, and her nickname was worm because she loved reading books.Maxwell took worm form her fathere. Now the cops are after her and Maxwell. so finally Worms dad got arrested for abused and Maxwell might be dead
Not really but he is in the hospital.

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well you guys my think theree is lots of themes, but there is only one that stands out is that no matter what will happen never rin form the cops. When Maxwell and worm ran away from there cops.

If you like Freak The Mighty than you will love this book. I recommend that you read this book after you read Freak The Might.

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