“Bah! She’s hiding her vodka! Just like she’s hiding jews in her yard!” Maus is a book about the holocaust where the jews are the mice and the rats are the nazis. Art Spiegelman writes graphic novels and has won a Special Award in Letters. You should read this amazing book because it has a lot of details about the war that’s going on. Also it’s an interesting book because it talks about how the nazis used so many different ways to torture.

A jew and his wife who do anything to get away from the war and not get captured by the Nazis. They got to find a way to keep theirfamily and kids safe, so they think it’s best to move to Hungary . The nazis win the war and capture the jews and now they’re prisoners, but Vladek managed to get out . Richieu, vladek’s “ghost brother” died when Vladek was born.

Vladek is unique because he is a strong caring jew. He has managed to go threw all his problems and always stayed strong. For example, when the nazis came looking for him he stayed strong and managed to get away.

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I personally feel a connection to this book because i know what it feels like to be somewhere you don’t want to be. When vladek and Anja didn’t feel comfortable living in the same place where the war is happening, it reminded me of the time i moved to the United States when i was about 5 years old. I felt very uncomfortable because i couldn’treally go out anywhere because we didn’t know anyone, just like they don’t know anyone in hungary.

This book is very intense and makes the reader think a bit about how the nazis had that power of torturing.The main character describes the jews and how they are being helped.

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