Marriage Relationships

The article Successful Marriage by John Roger was published on the 1st of October in 2000. It touches upon such significant issues as reasons for unsuccessful marriages and the ways to solve any problems which can occur in marriage relationships. First of all, in accordance with the author, the principal prerequisites of a successful marriage is not only unconditional loving, but also the ability of the spouses to manage with such problems as “judgement, blame, and ultimatum”. In the article, it is notified that the majority of people do not understand that these three aspects have a considerable negative influence on the relationships, still there are several ways to avoid them.

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To begin with, “if something is bothering you about his or her behavior, you can change your focus rather than get upset”. Inner discipline as well as commitment is required in this case. Furthermore, it is impossible to guarantee any successful marriage if they are absent in the relationships of the spouses. Moreover, the author admits that as long as the spouses are committed to each other, they can overcome any disagreements between them. If a husband and a wife do not want to care for each other or if they do not love each other any more, there is no need for them to be together. In any case, caring for each other must be, so to say, an everyday activity, and under no circumstances spouses should be oblivious to it.

Another important factor, which has an immense impact on the success of the marriage, is security and safety. In accordance with John Roger, they must be accompanied by such issues as humor, acceptance, and compassion. In any case, a spouse should understand that the personality, habits, and character of his or her wife or husband must be safe from any changes and, in any case, they should be appreciated by him or her. It is an irrefutable fact that some habits of the spouse can be quite irritating for his or her partner; on the other hand, in this case, security can be a solution of the problem. A person can go to a safe place where he or she has an opportunity to be alone and to think over those issues which are quite irritating for him or her. This time, which is spent in the ‘safe place’, makes it possible to understand that the situation occurred is not as serious as it had been considered before, and it is no reason to pay attention to it.

In conclusion, it is necessary to state that the article under consideration is more than useful for families all over the world. Moreover, the information represented in it can help to reduce the amount of divorces, and, in this way, the article has a positive influence on the society as if the amount of happy families increases, the society can be admitted to be more successful too. Taking into account the author’s point of view on the successful marriage and the ways to guarantee it, it is evident that it provides basic concepts for understanding marriage relationships. Consequently, the topic discussed in the article is an introduction to marriage and family.

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