Marketing Plan

Miami Metro Pediatrics is a clinic based in Miami. Pediatric care is an essential service that touches lives of many children, infants and adolescents in Miami Florida at significant and susceptible times. This involves illness, death and birth. In recent times, pharmaceuticals, technology and know-how have considerably improved how pediatric care is delivered and the prospects for recovery. Miami Metro Pediatrics Partners is involved in the provision of quality and comprehensive health care for infants, children and adolescents of up to 16 years of age. Its main services to the people living in Miami are to provide behavioral, developmental and learning solutions to children, infants and adolescents having any complication. The considerable increase in cost of the pediatric care has placed a substantial stress to the people living in Miami. Implementing a consistent and effective marketing plan will enhance in the attainment of both the short term and long term goals of Miami Metro pediatrics partners. Market exploration points out that there is a substantial need for the quality marketing of Miami Metro Pediatrics Partners services.

The need to have new pediatric products and services to Miami resident is another factor that calls for the introduction of a marketing plan. However, this can only be achieved through the willingness of the clinics’ management through employment of essential health care marketing strategies and organized and responsive management. Some of the outcomes anticipated from the execution of this marketing plan will ensure Miami Metro Pediatrics clinic remain a clinic of choice to many people. It will lead to the attraction of more patients and retention of customers who have visited and used the services of this clinic. This will help and serve as a tool in the realization the clinics’ goals of establishing additional outlets in other United States. This report targets to evaluate the existing state of the Miami Metro Pediatric clinic in terms of powers, strength, break through and pressures that are usually common and widely recognized tools for piloting a strategic marketing audit. This report also aims at providing recommendations on how to address these challenges.

Factors in the Overall Economy That Will Affect the Marketing of This Service Next Year

Marketing plan is a way that will present the clinics’ services to the people in a more appealing, understandable and memorable way. Marketing of Miami Metro Pediatrics Clinic services may be affected by several factors in the overall economy. Developing and implementing an elaborate marketing plan can be done successfully, but people still fail to use services due to factors that positively or negatively affect their social, economic and living conditions. These factors may include;


The current government has promised to reduce the rate of unemployment in the United States. Going by this projection, it is projected that there will be an escalation in the rate of total employment in the economy. Some of the unemployed people living Miami will thus get employed. This will affect the Marketing plan of Miami Metro Pediatrics Clinic services. It will increase the demand for services offered by the clinic.

Personal Income

Personal income is another factor that is expected to affect the marketing plan of the clinic’s services. As a result of increased employment rate, personal income of people living in Miami will also rise. This will mean that the demand for the clinic’s services will increase. This will positively affect the marketing plan. Parents with children, infants or adolescents with behavioral, developmental or learning challenges will afford the services offered by the clinic.

Business Expectations

Business expectation is a quarterly survey that aims at providing information on the expectation of a business in both the short term and long therm. Its main purpose is to provide reliable and accurate information so as to forecast the future. Just like any business, Miami Metro Pediatrics clinic has several expectations. These expectations will be the driving force towards effective implementation of a comprehensive marketing plan.

The Market – Qualitative (Organizations That Can Conceivably Be Considered Prospects for This Service)

Several organizations in Miami dealing with infants, children or adolescents with learning, developmental and behavioral challenges are prospective organizations for Miami Metro Pediatrics clinic services. They include Artists in Motion of Miami and Children’s Home Society of Florida. The Miami Metro Pediatrics Clinic services health care covers different ages. For children, the care is provided by the pediatrics department together with other specialty. Most of the Miami Metro Pediatrics clinic service customers are usually mid-level income earners. They prefer to pay a higher price for faster healthcare service

The Market – Quantitative (Potential Market for This Service)

Majority of the current customers appears to be satisfied with Miami Metro Pediatrics clinic services. Customer retention is also high. The rapid increase of the population in Miami creates a good potential for the clinic’s market share to increase. Within the next year, the number of customers will increase from the current 1200 patients per month to 1380 patients per month. This will be a 15% increase. Currently, the clinic has a market share of approximately 12.3 percent of the population living in Miami. Most of this market share will come from the new homeowners settling in Miami. Through additional promotional programs, there is also an expected increase in market share.

Trend Analysis Based On the History of Pediatric Services

Pediatric care medicine evolved from other subspecialties in medicine. This was as a result for the need to provide healthcare to some groups of ill patients. Pediatric care emerged in the 19th century and has subsequently expanded. Miami Metro Pediatrics Clinic provides services to children, infants and adolescents of not more than 16 years. The clinic can be said to be headed to a bright future where it will provide quality services to the entire population. It will also subsidize its current fees so as to make pediatric care accessible to even poor families.


Competition in the field of pediatric services currently comes from South Florida Pediatric Partners. They have dominated the field because they have a strong financial base. This makes them offer services at considerably low costs. Additionally it receives financial support from the government and other financial institution like the World Bank. This pediatric health network controls a significant market share in the field pediatric care and therefore it remains to be extremely rival competitor to Miami Metro Pediatrics. It is expected that in the coming year, South Florida Pediatric Partners will continue to dominate because they are opening a new pediatric clinic in Miami.

Problems and Opportunities

Economic factors are normally of immense concern to market planning. They influence demand of services, prices, cost and profits. These economic factors are normally beyond the control of the firm. In Miami, a class of experienced hospitals is entering this market. These hospitals have been remarkably successful in running hospitals and are capable of raising money from the stock market. This will trigger a sheer stiff competition in the region. Such a hospital is the South Florida Pediatric Partners. There is also an acute shortage of nurses and allied health professionals and competition for staff remain extremely intense. However, there exist opportunities that Miami Metro Pediatrics clinic can exploit to compete favorably. An example to this is that the clinic can start accepting both Medicare and Medicaid patients. This will attract more patients or customers and therefore increase the market share. The clinic can also invest heavily on quality services. This will make it a clinic of chose to many Miami residents.

Objectives and Goals

The clinic has both the short and long term goals and objectives. The short term goals are to be accomplished in the coming year. The long term goals are expected to be attained in the five years from now.

Short term objectives

They include,


The hospital aims to provide services that enhance patient satisfaction by the rate of 2% percentage. The clinic is aiming to deliver ample health services for children and teen-agers of up to 16 years. This will be achieved through devotion to health promotion and disease prevention.


The clinic aims at increasing the impatient days by a rate of 3 %. In its laboratory department, the hospital aims to increase lab procedures to 15 cath. Per a month. The hospital also targets to increase the number of MRI and CT scans by 5% through improvement of its diagnostic equipment.


The clinic aims at giving training to medical interns practicing pediatrics on young children and adolescents.

Long term goals and objectives in the next five years


Miami Metro Pediatric Partners clinic is aiming at establishing two more clinics in Miami.


Offering quality service so as to be accredited ISO certification

Action Programs

There has been an increasing competition in the provision of Pediatric service in United States. It is therefore essential to develop a comprehensive action plan so as to remain a clinic of choice to many people residing in Miami. The action program will prioritize and list all the marketing strategies and actions that require to be completed so as to achieve all the long and short term goals of the clinic. To achieve the long and short term goals, there will be an internal collaboration and improved communication between the different departments in the clinic. This will promote the development of policies that will see pediatric clinic services goes to the next level. The information system of the clinic will be improved. This will involve the creation of a website where customers can make online appointments. Additionally, there will be implementation of new electronic therapeutic records, electronic prescription, laboratory services and seeking financial support from third parties.