“Today we reaffirm our commitment to democracy by bearing witness to the peaceful transfer of power.” He is saying that he will come to a peaceful agreement with the government. John lewis a congressman imagine you in class and the whole class doesn’t want homework but the teacher wants to give homework john lewis would be the person to try and tell everyone why they need homework in class.

I can understand this book because it’s about real life situations that I see on the news. I can read it and understand how they character feels because racist police is still a thing. But this book helps me look at police and my race differently.

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It’s different from most books because it’s mostly pictures but the words are in speech bubbles like a comic book. It gives you good perspective of how times was for african americans freedom in the past.

It kinda reminds of now how the president does not like Mexican,African americans and he wants them to leave because he thinks caucasion’s are superior to any race and the people of this world have mixed decisions and there is a lot of police stuff happening but they are also making an effort to have peace with the people of the world with laws.