As a teen, you’d think by then you’d find someone you want to be with the rest of your life. WRONG! You never hear anyone say “Oh, I’m going to be with _______ forever!” as a teenager. You hardly hear that from adults. So why are so many books and magazines and websites based on love when it’s almost impossible to find? In my opinion, I think all those places are trying to make the kids or whoever reading them they need to be in a serious relationship in order to be happy, when, in reality, serious relationships can make a person sad and moody if they or their partner aren’t fully content with the other, making both people upset and feeling like they should be more than who they already are because they haven’t found “the right person” yet. I think that most people in this world aren’t going to find that perfect person because there is over a billion people on this earth and the chances of meeting a person made just for you is next to nothing! Sorry to all those people out there extremely focused on finding Mr. or Miss “Right” but I doubt you will ever find them. So, in conclusion to my rant, love is hard to find. So if you really want to find the “prefect person,” you may not have to look very far, but you may never know who the right person is until they’re already gone and it’s just too late.

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