Love Is For Everyone.

Coming out of the closet can be a hard and scary experience I imagine, and know since my brother went through the experience. Now depending on the environment in which you live in can alter the outcome of your confession. We live in a small “hick” community, so people aren’t accepting of anything “out of the ordinary” here for the most part.

Personally I have never had anything against homosexuals, before my brother came out even. I’d like to think I’m an extremely open-minded person, and believe that there is absolutely nothing wrong with loving someone of the same sex. I mean, love is love. I’m very passionate about the things I believe in, and homosexual rights being one of the most important things to me. So when my brother came out in high school, it was heart breaking seeing how horrendous people treated him. Now, 6 years later, I’m finding out even more things people harassed him about. He had to even be on anti-depressants due to how cruel kids were.

High school is bad enough as it is. It’s like living in a shark tank 5 days a week for nearly 8 hours. But add on the pressure for those to accept you, and then being judged and bullied, it makes everything worse. Everyone struggles in one sense or another, and will experience hardships in their life, but usually they aren’t bullied when they tell others about it. Why is it that we can show compassion for those struggling with cutting, or being poor, but if they are attracted to someone of the same gender, they’re sinning and will “burn in Hell”?! Nobody should ever be told things such as that.

I understand that people’s beliefs vary, and it’s hard to understand something foreign to you, but life is about learning isn’t it? I mean, we should be accepting the different, and seeing their point of view. If the world is every going to be unified, we’ll have to learn to accept everyone. No matter the sex, ethnicity, religion, etc, we are all humans and deserve to be treated as one.