I always say a gesture of love is underrated. Can love realy surpass anything? Can it really break through any barrier;social, racial,economical? A wise man once said that man created a God in the search or unconditional love.But do we really call him wise when he ridicules something we all yearn for?Love. Unconditional love. Love with no boundries. Are we that callous? Are we incapable of giving that kind of love?

If i must say, I have seen unconditional love. As someone observing from a distance,i saw the most beautiful thing.

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No,its wasnt the guy who risked his life by running into the road just to save his girlfriend’s life. And no,it wasnt the anaemic kid who donated blood to his friend just so they could spend sleepless nights at sleepovers. And again, no, it wasnt the mother who couldnt sleep a wink before her pothead son entered the house. It was simply theten year-old kid who gave his cone of ice cream to a girl who sat alone crying at the park. It was the man who gave his train fare to a homeless man so he could have a mean,even if it meant going home on foot. More importantly,the man who gave love to the daughter of a single mother,just so she could experience how it feels to have a dad.

What can really fulfill a human’s heart it by giving more love than you recieve. You dont have to look for love under rocks and across oceans. the simple things do each day men moe tha anything